Borussia Dortmund and the injured – that develops more and more to an infinite history this season. At the weekend, five new injured or pushed players were added: Donyell Male to fit in front of the 2-0 victory in Stuttgart, in the game itself then had to be replaced successively Giovanni Reyna, Mahmoud Dahoud, Mats Hummels and Raphael Guerreiro with physical problems.

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On Sunday, the BVB announced first diagnoses: The hardest has caught as expected Reyna, who has to end the season prematurely due to a muscle and tendon injury. Also defense boss Hummels will be missing the Borussia several weeks due to a muscle injury in the thigh.

Malens downtime is still open – further examination at Dahoud

Painting has raised an injury to the tendon – downtime open. There are no final diagnosis at Dahoud, who has violated on the shoulder, here further investigations are needed. After all, at Guerreiro there is no break in the room. For this purpose, the last Nico Schulz and Felix Passplack missing due to muscle injuries are recalled in the team training.

Reynas third muscle injury

Especially bitter is the overall forced break for Youngster Reyna, who already suffered a muscle injury at the thigh for the third time this season and now have to pause for weeks again. “My legs feel very well again, I’m strong again,” the American had left the US-American in the club’s own TV. But then he had to leave the field after two minutes and a long failure step. Among tears, the 19-year-old went to the cabin.

“Gio is ready. That’s incredibly bitter for him,” said BVB coach Marco Rose later in the evening and announced to continue working with him in his physical condition: “He has the potential to become a world-class player, We will get him healthy. We will get him stable. Gio will go his way with us. “