At least since the descent from the football Bundesliga, the financial situation in FC Schalke 04 is more than tense. The separation from the longtime main sponsor Gazprom let the worries first greater. But apparently there is several good news for the Gelsenkirchener.

For about 15 years, FC Schalke 04 worked together with Gazprom. The cooperation with the Russian state company was always controversial. Due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the royal blue at the end of February finally moved the ripper and separated prematurely from the natural gas promotion company.

Why UEFA and Schalke 04 break due to war with Russian sponsor Gazprom

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According to “sponsor Gazprom Image”, the Schalke from Gazprom conceded nine million euros for the current season. The good news: Although the energizing has been visible since the termination almost nowhere more than sponsor, the club must be allegedly “no euro” from the already completely transferred sum to Gazprom.

With Vivawest, FC Schalke 04 has already found a new main sponsor. According to the sponsor Gazproms magazine until the end of the season, the housing agreement transfers two million euros to the scarce.

In addition, the contract is probably dated until 2023. In the coming season Vivawest allegedly pays four million euros. In the advancement, this amount should rise, it is said.

FC Schalke 04 probably with termination right

According to “sponsor Gazprom Image”, FC Schalke 04 also has a unilateral termination right for the coming summer. Also “Ruhr24” had last reported on this option.

The contract clause should enable the second division to be able to separate in the event of a better offer without consequences of main sponsor Vivawest.

Further financial remedies creates the new partnership with REWE. The supermarket chain is official training sponsor. Due to the deal, Schalke 04 receives allegedly around 2.5 million euros more than planned to the end of the season.