Gareth Bale is more or less in the paid vacation at Real Madrid and soon probably away. The consultant of the Welsh talks about the farewell to the royal.

With great expectations, Gareth Bale came to Real Madrid for 101 million euros in 2013 and remained far behind the expectations at the royal except for the early days. In the end he did not come to the train anymore.

Now his consultant Jonathan Barnett confirmed in the interview with deportes Cuatro that Bale will leave the club free-free transfer in the summer: “He deserves a good goodbye to the club.” But the Welsh did not make a decision for the future. “

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In the interview, Barnett left his anger over the treatment of his client’s free run: “In the next 20 years, the fans will see how good Bale was, and they will regret it.”

Bale must “not prove the fans anymore”. Barnett continues: “He did not do anything wrong. He is a quiet guy who does not want to talk to the press, he just wants to play football. Why should he explain himself?”

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Bale consultant: “He felt very comfortable in Madrid”

Bale could even communicate. That the left foot can not speak spanish, do not voice: “It happens that people who do not know him, say that. Stupid and ignorant people who did not talk to him. It’s a shame. He has a shame felt comfortable.”

Barnett continues: “He came here at a young age, his children were born here, he has donated a lot of money on Spanish hospitals during the Corona pandemic and he loves the city and the club. I think it’s the parasites that are bad about talk him. “

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No problem sees Barnett in the treatment of real. The relationship with the club chefs is “very good” and President Florentino Perez is “very loyal and supportive”.