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Developer / Publisher Rokaplay officially announced “ Spells & Secrets ” on April 1st. It is scheduled to start early access delivery for PC (STeam) in the summer of 2022. Releases for abroad Nintendo Switch appear to be scheduled.

In “Spells & Secrets”, the player will come to Academy of Greifenstein as a first grader of magical school. It was the main character who brings the chest to new life, but the first day of school life, strange cases will bring up confusion. Only players can save the classmates that are missing, whether the castle, which is a learning house continues to change. Demonstrate creativity and use spells and fight with magic creatures. And we explore the school and unlike the secret hidden in the castle.

In this work, the creativity that uses spells is most important. In the trailer, the player itself can be transformed into a murine or a shield such as shooting cold air, or the shield that bounces enemy attacks. In addition, it seems that you can lift the ball that has fallen around and hit the enemy, floating yourself, and can take a wide range of strategies to attack enemies.

In the school, various secrets are hidden. The secret hidden door appears by touching the lighting in the hallway, and it seems that there are many search elements, if the secret hidden door appears from the treasure chest and the search element. Also, in this work, there is also a scene where the puzzle is solved by utilizing spells. By remembering and using various magic, it will also extend the width of the search in the school.

Also, in this work, you can customize the character freely. A variety of options can be combined and their own characters can be created combining body types, clothes, hair colors, skin colors, etc. Since the appearance of the character can be set in detail, including accessories, it would be nice to create your own player character and create your own player character.

In addition, this work plans to play cooperatively through local and Remote Play Together. The play tile can be further spreaded, such as sharing with two people and fighting multiple enemies. In addition, activities unique to cooperative play may also be available, such as able to play soccer mini games in the school.

“Spells & Secrets” is a work that developer Alchemist Interactive and Rokaplay work in collaboration. Alchemist Interactive is a studio based in Germany. After establishing in 2015, after releasing the multiplayer battle action “Nova Nukers!” As a virgin work, he signed a partnership with Publisher’s Rokaplay. In 2019, we launched the farm simulation game “Stranded Sails-Explorers of the Cursed Islands”. “Spells & Secrets” will continue to be a work by the ALCHEMIST INTERACTIVE and ROKAPLAY tags. It seems to draw your own magical world while being influenced by “Harry Potter”.

“Spells & Secrets” is scheduled to start early access delivery for PC in STEAM in summer. In addition, KickStarter appears to be started from April 5 locally.