On Monday, the 1st FC Union – after two days after the 1-0 success on the 1st FC Cologne and skipping the 40-point hurdle – the preparation for the Derby at Hertha BSC (Saturday, 6.30 pm, Live! At Anthony Ujah). Following the first training session, in which Stürstorwart Andreas Luthe (muscular problems) and striker Anthony Ujah (was ill, trained according to club information but individuals were missing, team captain Christopher Trimmel said the questions of the Berlin journalists.

Christopher Trimmel over…

… the mood in front of the derby, which could go over the stage in a sold-out Olympic stadium:

“There is anticipation, I would say. The Derby is always a special game, with fans more special, the city needs the city, which wants the city. We are looking forward to it.”

… opponent Hertha, who starts the third Berlin-derby of the season with the third trainer:

“The way will have changed. We have not analyzed Hertha under the new coach yet. But everyone has already seen the mentality will be another. It will be a tough game, but we accept that and hope that It is positive for us. “

Felix Magath is a very good, experienced coach. You can say nothing negative.

Christopher Trimmel

… Herthas New Trainer Felix Magath:

“It’s old school, probably very hard school. But I have become a similar approach to Peter Pacult, which has a similar approach. I do not feel as bad, but have seen many advantages in it. Felix Magath is a very good, experienced coach. You can say nothing negative. “

… Union targets for the derby after the 40-point specification has already been overbooked:

“I do not want to talk about that we liberate, but we take that seriously. We have reached our first goal, we will probably put together this week and define a new destination because we always want to put an incentive. It is always Much possible, we have not lost the connection (to the Europapokal places; D. Red.). “

Come in 2014 by Sk Rapid Vienna to Union – and since then an institution: Christopher Trimmel. Imago / Jan Hebner

O Captain! My Captain! | Christopher Trimmel

… the new seasonal goal:

“It is important that we work together together and then give full throttle. Whether we reach it or not, we will see. I think we’ll work out there.” Everyone would like to play internationally. “

… a possible voltage drop in the team:

“We want to collect points, we are not finished yet. I’m good things that not a single player goes with us and says, ‘We have reached our first goal, now I’ll be slow now, where I drive on vacation. ” It goes on to the end. “

… the trophy semifinals on April 20 in Leipzig:

“There must be the goal for you to get the semi-finals. It is a giant challenge.”

… about the danger that one or the other already protects for the trophy:

“That will not happen. In the Bundesliga is still much possible, which one has seen that last year. In front of the cup game still comes the derby that you absolutely want to win, then the home game against Frankfurt. Home games are mostly positive for us, It would be stupid when we switch back a walk and omights the games before, just so we are fitter in the cup. We will not do that. “

The new team boss must decide who he takes.

Christopher Trimmel has not written out more internationals for Austria

… his future at Union and his contract that has extended:

“I’ve been there for so long, in football can always happen something, so you can never set yourself. But I have a contract, that’s the most important thing for both sides. We focus on this season. In the transfer time you will sit down, the club will plan, I will plan. Much more there is not to say. “

… his bursted World Cup dream with Austria and a resignation from the ÖFB team:

“CONCRETING ONLY CONFERENCE. I feel fit, I have no problems physically at all, I’m not slow. I really want to play a few years. The rest is not with me. The new team boss must decide who he does “