The risk game between the Nordrival Hansa Rostock and the FC St. Pauli (1: 0) has kept the police in breathing on Saturday night. Again and again, there were tried confrontations that could be prevented by the consistent intervention of the policemen and police officers. A water windower was also used.

Even before the game, there had been a provocation of Hansa trailers towards the fans of the Millerntor club. The police had to remove five pig heads on a bridge over the A20, which had been placed next to a graffito with the words “St. Pauli Scheine”.

A spokeswoman of the police confirmed the ostsee-Zeitung that the pig heads were eliminated from the animal rescue of the Rostock fire brigade. “We determine for property damage, insult and because of a violation of the Animal Cadaver Removal Law,” she said.

The State and Federal Police announced after the game that preliminary investigations are included, among other things, because of the suspicion of landfill, personal injury, resistance to enforcement officials, violation of the Narcotics Act and property damage. In addition, the opposing fishing groups bombarded with pyrotechnics.

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“That it came to no direct meeting of the rival fang feeds throughout the expenditure of the expense is the result of the consistent police mission,” summed up the two police leaders Achim Segebarth and Ralf apparently after joint commitment.

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A total of 1450 police officers of the state police Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Federal Police were in use and were supported by emergency services from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.