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Hütter feels certain uncertainty in Gladbach

Due to adductor complaints, attacker Marcus Thuram Borussia Mönchengladbach is not available on Monday (8:30 p.m./DAZN) in the home game against RB Leipzig. László Bénes cannot be used either.

Trainer Adi Hütter wants to work against the Champions League aspirant on a stable defense and a good switching game: “According to goals, there is currently a certain uncertainty at the moment, we sometimes let ourselves be disturbed too quickly and then no longer worries for The necessary relief. We have to work on that. “

The last games of the season will also be decisive for Borussia’s face in the coming season. “We see who tears themselves up for Borussia until the end of the season and will then draw our conclusions from it,” emphasized Hütter.

Thurams director Roland Virkus meanwhile announced progress in contract negotiations. “With Patrick Herrmann we are in very good conversations. I think that we can soon announce something.”

According to the Gladbach coach, the Saxons had “a team that can do almost everything. They collected an enormous number of points in the second half of the season. The question is how many positions they will rotate on Monday after the Europa League game against Glasgow”, so Hütter.

Hütter was in conversation as a national coach of Austria

Journalist befragt emotional Adi Hütter über seinen Wechsel zu Gladbach | #shorts
As has now become known, Hütter was also a candidate for the coaching position of the Austrian national team.

“They also spoke to me. I communicated that in the club,” said the Austrian. “Of course that’s a great honor. But that’s not an issue for me. I have a contract here in Mönchengladbach.”

The Austrian Football Association presented Ralf Rangnick as the new national coach and successor Franco Fodas. “It came a little surprising for me. I would not have thought that Ralf would ultimately do that. Now something else will come to the national team. But that’s a very good solution,” said Hütter.

Gareth Bale threatens Real Madrid because of allegedly fake injury

La afición del Real Madrid se harta de Gareth Bale
The relationship between Gareth Bale and Real Madrid is already heavily contaminated, the farewell in the summer in principle seals. Now the dissonances have reached a new level due to an alleged violation of the Welsh.

Bale will not be available to the royal in the league game against Espanyol Barcelona due to back pain, it is said. There are obviously doubts about Real, because Spanish journalist Carlos Rodriguez of the radio station ONDA Madrid wrote on Twitter that the club would like to think about a punishment for the wing striker.

It is not the first time that Bale cannot play because of complaints that are hardly understandable for Real. The absences are “suspicious” and would not convince the medical department.

Most recently, this had happened when Bale also complained about his painting back in front of the Clasico against FC Barcelona (0: 4), but trained with the teammates of the Welsh national team the day after the game. In the duel with Barca, he wasn’t even present in the stadium.

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However, according to Rodriguez, he also thinks how sensible a sanction is still in view of the upcoming separation and the fact that greater restlessness is only an unnecessary interference factor in the crucial season phase.

Valorant: The Open Qualifier Sur classifying with Pampas and Sunset progresses.

After three intense days with the northern items, it is now necessary It is expected with great intensity and great plays with a sample of skills of the agents of the South, four teams that seek glory but only two will be able to move forward.

EPIC! TSM vs GHOST Gaming HIGHLIGHTS - VCT NA Open Qualifier 2


The first series began with New Pampas against Pass Gaming on a map of Haven that would turn white with the inpenetrable defense that presented Pampas with diewijas and its Cypher version clutch/duelist that would not let Pass could enter the sites being a danger on the team’s defender, it was noted that the attack that Pass presented was not the best and ended up failing to leave the first half 11-1 , in the change of sides the reaction of these same was not good and in the end there were few rounds that were played that would end in favor of Pampas with 13-3 ** to take the first map.

Changing the stage we arrived at Ascent where Pass needed to react if or if to lengthen the series, things were complicated from the beginning thanks diewijas but now with Killjoy repeating the defense they handled in The first map to prevent Pass It would not be enough because Rubkkoid and the informative knives would end up closing the map 13-9.

The sun shines in the south

In the second series of the day we would see Sunxet facing bulls starting on a split map that seemed very even from the beginning but the team of the horns would gradually put the front with GR3EPS that would take the power of Jett placing Important casualties for his team and that would leave the 7-5 Because Nazek had other plans with his reason to define the game in favor of bulls with 13-9.

The second map would be a Ascent where the bulls began defending with a Celtrak that towards different appearances within the map with a omen , despite the situation that things were lived, things would end very couples with A 6-6 In the first half, in the second part of the map we saw fenny reacting like a phoenix that took the operator to move the rivals to the ground to be able to give Sunxet the tie in the Serie.

Moving to a Icebox that would be the decisive map for the series began with bulls defending but that side made them suffer due to the aggressiveness that proposed Rochetzs with his jett making it clear that he wanted the Victoria for his team when leaving 9-3 in the first half, the second foul would be a breath of air for the bulls with some rounds in his favor but the operator would return to the Jett of SUNXET to settle the Meeting with 13-5.

Thus concludes the first day of the southern Open Qualifier, showing that the desire is left to reach the Closed, we will have to see in detail how the teams develop in the remaining days to know which are the two best to advance To the next stage within the competitive, we still have two more days of southern clashes to decide what teams are going to advance within the competition.

BBL: Paulding with gala to say goodbye

Club icon Rickey Paulding said goodbye to his own fans at his last home game for basketball Bundesliga club Ewe Baskets Oldenburg. The American, who left Lower Saxony at the end of the season, contributed 18 points in the 113: 87 (63:38) against S.Oliver Würzburg.

“It was more emotional than I expected. When I started my career, I would never have thought that something like this could happen,” said the 39-year-old, who brought his family to the floor after the game and with the 6000 spectators “Rickey Paulding” spoke choirs celebrated in magenta.

Hurts - Stay (Official Music Video)

The fans of the Baskets recognized her idol with a big choreo. A huge banner with the imprint “15 years of loyalty – threesome, dunks and passion. Thank you Ricey” adorned the opposite before the game. The encounter was less important in terms of sport. The 2009 master already has the relegation, the Würzburgers miss the play-offs.

The Telekom Baskets Bonn remain in a row at the top of the table after the eleventh win. The Rhinelander prevailed at 85:74 (48:37) at Ratiopharm Ulm. With 52:14 points, the Bonners are still ahead of the pursuer Alba Berlin (48:12). However, the master and cup winner has played three games less.

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In addition to the Fraport Skyliners from Frankfurt, the second relegation is determined with the Giessen 46ers. The Mittelhessen lost to the Niners Chemnitz with 70:91 (31:52) and thus have an unobstructible eight counters behind a non-relegation place in only three outstanding games.

Com2us Group, Blockchain Game Guild Ola GG Invest

[American partner Moon Young -soo] Com2uS Group announced on the 29th that it has invested in the Latin American partner ‘Ola GG (CEO Martin Blagle Er)’ of the global default centralized game guide ‘YGG (YIELD Guild Games)’.

METASTORM - НОВЫЙ ШУТЕР С МЕТАВСЕЛЕННОЙ ???? Сейчас проходит Private sale???? Blockchain games

Com2uS Group has worked with global investors such as Galaxy Interactive, Bitkraft, and ARCA and participated as early investors of GG. Ola GG’s investment is $ 8 million, and it plans to use NFT of Web 3 games to spread web 3 games in Latin America.

Ola GG is building a complex community by creating a profit through the game based on 230 million Latin American game user pools and helping to securely access blockchain -based finance.

Latin America is an area where potential growth is prominent in the global web 3 terrain, which is important in expanding the C2X platform led by Com2us Group. In particular, the area is also highly acceptable to blockchain games.

Com2us Group is a promising blockchain game company ‘5×5 Gaming’, a professional organization that develops blockchain games and methus -based digital assets, and ‘Double Jump Tokyo’, a Japanese blockchain game and solution company We are investing in the back and accelerating the global web 3 business.

Ginter, Plea and Bensebaini ready for Leipzig

ginter without problems

After a lactate test on Wednesday, the Borussians went on the pitch today. Also there: Matthias Ginter. The national player, who missed the game in Freiburg (3: 3) because of a blessing at the foot, did the team training without any problems and is about Leipzig before returning to the team.

Plea mixes fully

It also looks good with Alassane Plea and Ramy Bensebaini. The duo had returned from Freiburg and mixed fully in the unit. Plea had been replaced on Saturday at the draw in Breisgau due to a severe bruise in the area of the foot. Bensebaini had suffered a sprain of the ankle.

RB Leipzig vs Rangers 1-0 Highlights | Europa League Semi Finals Leg 1

Thuram hopes for the final

Individual units continued to complete Laszlo Benes and Marcus Thuram (both muscular problems). After training, Hütter explained in relation to a possible Thuram comeback: “With ‘Tikus’ we hope that he will be able to get back into the squad before the Hoffenheim game.” Hoffenheim is an opponent on the last matchday of this season.

For Musiala and Nianzou, the opportunities increase

Two days before the penultimate away game of the season in Mainz, FC Bayern indicates that both Thomas Müller and Dayot Upamecano will be canceled on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! The duo also missed the training on Thursday and was not on the pitch this week.

Müller continues to cold – Coman fully joins again

Müller slows down a cold, and the Munich none of the Munich did not share anything at Upamecano. Kingsley Coman, who had trained individually on Wednesday, joined the team again and easily took part in every exercise, including various forms of play. The Frenchman seems to have recovered his ankle problems.

The possible failures of Upamecano and Müller make coach Julian Nagelsmann make the agony of choice. The 34-year-old had already announced after the 3-1 victory against Dortmund, the youngsters, who so far only been allowed to watch, to give more playing time.

Musiala this time behind Lewandowski

As a replacement for Upamecano, his compatriot Tanguy Nianzou would be ready, for Müller Jamal Musiala should begin in the center behind Robert Lewandowski. In addition, 16-year-old Paul Wanner and the 18-year-old Gabriel Vidovic should also receive another minutes in the final three games.

How Upamecano, Nianzou & Co. prepare for the new season | FC Bayern performance tests

_ How are the chances of the youngster? You can read a more detailed view in the current Thomas Müller (Thursday edition) or here in the emagazine! _

Title thrillers, relegation horror and a bunch of freshlings

In 1963 the Bundesliga started its success story. Almost 59 years later, a special anniversary is on the program: The 32nd matchday is also the 2000. The BL history.

And the upper house looks back on many superlatives and records. We present a selection here that goes beyond the well -known records.

the youngest and the oldest starting element of a match day

The lowest average age of the starting positions of all Bundesliga clubs was on matchday 5 of the 1963/64 season at just 25.1 years. The highest age average was on matchday 25 of the 1999/00 season. At that time, the starting players were 28.6 years old.

Matchday with the most Bundesliga debuts

In addition to the 1st matchday of the 1963/64 Premiere season (176 BL-debuts), the most debuts on matchday 1 of the 1991/92 season with a total of 55 debutants. This value is not surprising, since it was the first season after the German reunification, in which the Bundesliga started the only time with 20 teams. Outside a first match day, most debutants were on the 2nd and 5th matchday of the 1963/64 season and on the 18th matchday of the 2007/08 season (17 each). After a long winter break from December 16, 2007 to February 1, 2008, the Bundesliga clubs went into the race with numerous newly obliged professionals, as the winter transfer window closed the day before the second half of the season.

game day on which there are most frequently championship decisions

Most often, championships are actually decided on the 34th matchday – a total of 23 times. In addition, there are two more championship decisions on the last matchday in season with more or less than 34 match days: 1964/65 (30 game days) and 1991/92 (38 game days). In the last twelve seasons, on the other hand, the champions were only determined once after the 34th matchday: 2018/19. During this time, the shell was most frequently awarded after the 32nd (four times) and otherwise each day from the 27th.

the scarce championship decisions

In theory, the championship was still possible for four teams on the 34th matchday of the 2008/09 season; That never existed before and afterwards. However, Wolfsburg (66 points) would have had to lose on the last day of the match so that Bavaria or Stuttgart could have passed with a win (the teams met and each had 64 points). Theoretically, Hertha could have been master – but the Berliners not only had to hope for a tie between Bavaria and Stuttgart and a defeat of Wolfsburg, but also to win them themselves and to catch up on Wolfsburg 24 goals. In the end, Wolfsburg and coach Felix Magath took the race.

Real crime novels were also the 34th game days of the 1991/92 and 2001/02 seasons. Three teams each dreamed of the title. Shortly after reunification, Eintracht Frankfurt, VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund went with 50:24 points on the last matchday, the Swabians cheered thanks to Guido Buchwald and the better goal difference compared to BVB. Ten years later, the Borussians held up the shell with Matthias Sammer on the bench when the coach with Ewerthon proved the golden hand.

the closest relegation decisions

Once so far, it has occurred in Bundesliga history that six of the 18 teams were still in the relegation battle on match day 34: in the 1987/88 season. While the two direct relegated Homburg and Schalke were already clear, six other teams were in the raffle for the relegation place, even if the relegation of Uerdingen and Dortmunds was very unlikely because of the good goal difference. In addition to the Krefeld and BVB, SV Waldhof, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe and Bochum were also at risk. In theory, the descent would have been possible to relegate each of these teams, as there was not a single direct descent duel. In the end it caught the Mannheimers, who then saved themselves in three (!) Relegation games against Darmstadt.

The most dramatic crash made the 1. FC Nürnberg, who completed it in the 1998/99 season, to slide from 12th to a direct relegation z1. Jörg Berger as the rescuer of the Frankfurter Titanic made it possible, the FCN was once again able to feel like a “fool” and helped a radio reporter to cult status: “Hello, here is Nuremberg, we’ll get in touch with the abyss.”

game days with the highest results

Matchday with the highest Bundesliga victory: 34. The season 1977/78 – Borussia Mönchengladbach wins with 12: 0 against Borussia Dortmund.

matchday with the highest away win: 27. The 1965/66 season: The Meidericher SV (today MSV Duisburg) wins 9-0 at Tasmania Berlin.

Matchday with the “highest” draw: twice has so far been a 5: 5 in the Bundesliga – on match day 6 1973/74 between FC Schalke and FC Bayern and on matchday 13 1974/75 between Eintracht Frankfurt
and VfB Stuttgart.

# Topic archive

the Bundesliga before the 2000th matchday

on the subject
* In the Bundesliga, the 2000th round in the upper house is scheduled for the 32nd matchday 2021/22.
* Special features from almost 60 years of the Bundesliga can be found in this themed archive
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Rumors about Trio: This is how BVB Erling wants to replace Haaland

Erling Haaland is likely to leave Borussia Dortmund after the season. But who should actually replace the striker that is so fire? The BVB allegedly already has a plan. In addition, a trio has also come into the focus of the black and yellow.

Should Ering Haaland actually join Manchester City or Real Madrid in the summer, then those responsible for Borussia Dortmund is facing a mammoth task. The attacker would then flush 75 to 90 million euros into the cash registers, because this sum is necessary to activate the Norwegian’s exit clause, but the loss of gate risk would be immense.

Haaland has achieved a fabulous 82 goals in his previous 86 missions for BVB. There are also 23 templates. Finding a successor to this yield is almost impossible. According to the “kicker”, this is probably also the case of BVB and therefore strives for a solution in which the Haaland succession is distributed on many shoulders on the offensive.

At last year’s newcomer Donyell Painting one hopes that he will make the breakthrough without the dominant Haaland. In addition to the Norwegian international, painting was often lost, but in games without the shooting star. Giovanni Reyna also rests on the long injured in this season. The 19-year-old already showed intensively before his injuries that he has great offensive qualities.

BVB has massive trio at a glance

Is Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid and Erling Haaland to Manchester City ALREADY DONE? | ESPN FC
Finally, of course, the targeted transfer by Karim Adeyemi, who is not yet completely in dry cloths, should also help to forget Haaland. With a closer look, however, Adeyemi with its skills is more likely to be considered as a Sancho replacement, should bring danger with its pace and dribbling.

more: Hamann surprised: BVB will be better without Erling Haaland

Because the physicality in the middle of the storm is missing without Haaland and ADEYEMI does not bring it, a massive attacker is to be hired.

The “kicker” confirms the speculation of different media from the past few weeks, according to which BVB is targeting a player from a trio: on the 19-year-old Czechs Adam HloZek by Sparta Prag from Stade Reims (1.90 meters tall), the Frenchman is also 19 years old, and on the Slovenian Benjamin Sesko by RB Salzburg (18 years old and 1.94 meters tall).

Each of these three strikers already has enough experience and quality, but still has development potential and remains affordable despite long -term contracts. All three are said to have already been contacted. In the case of Sesko, his agent was seen in the last two BVB games in the stadium, according to the “kicker”.

Bologna shocked Inter shortly before the end

Inter Milan has had to accept the decisive setback in the master race of Italian series A.

The defending champion lost 1: 2 (1: 1) in a catch -up game at FC Bologna and is two points behind the city rival AC Milan in second place in four outstanding matches.

#PressClub: Nicola Sansone
Ivan Perisic put the guests in the lead early (3rd), but Marko Arnautovic (28th) and Nicola Sansone (81st) turned the game with their goals.
Inter-goalkeeper Andrei Radu had a hard time in the second goal.
National player Robin Gosens was missing from Milan due to a muscle injury.

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