Cumax Co., Ltd. is planned and manufactured by Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. and Forgroove Co., Ltd. From (Thursday), we announced the holding of Gacha “Alibato Festival”. In this Gacha, six new cards such as

Cue Max Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Queumax) plans and manufactures Nippon Television Broadcasting Mesh Co., Ltd. and Forgroove Co., Ltd. In the Hunter Arena Battle, we will hold a Gacha “Alibato Festival” from March 31, 2022 (Thu). In this Gacha, six new cards such as “illusion brigaded SS Charnark: Enhanced Antenna” will appear.

# “Alibato Festival” held! Six new cards appear!

From March 31, 2012 (Thursday), we will hold a gacha “Alibato Festival”.
In this Gacha, the following six cards will be new.

· Graduate Brigador SS Charnark: Enhanced Antenna

· 287 students SS Kirua: Harimon

Zoldic House S Zeno: Veteran Assassin

· Graduate Brigade SS: For hometown

· Free SS: To new journey

Zoldic house S: innocent smiling

New card details can be found in the game news.

# # “Alibato Festival” held

March 31, 2012 (Thu) -1 April 14 (Thu) 14:59
※ Appointment may change without notice.

# “HUNTER × HUNTER Arena Battle” Basic Information

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