Nintendo announced the addition title of “Family Computer & Super Nintendo Switch Online” on March 31. Monthly service If you join Nintendo Switch Online, the same content that a specific title of a family computer or super nervent can be played. One of the super Fami Con Tights and 2 Family Computer Titles are delivered from March 31, 31st.

Super Femicone
·Harvest Moon


Nintendo Direct Mini - Cloud Gaming On The Switch?
· Digdag II
· Mappyland

Especially focusing is the “ranch story” for super names. The first work of the popular series “Ranch Story”. It is launched from the pack in video in 1996 and is now developed by Marvelus. In the game flowing in the game, it is a work that has become one of the pioneering life-sim genres that are popular, such as agriculture and interaction, etc. At first time it is already high completion.

On the other hand, the first “ranch story” was somewhat difficult to obtain in Japan. Though the same work was developed as a satelleview compliant software “BS ranch story”, it is delivered only for the West in the Virtual Console. Therefore, when you play the first “ranch story” now, it was basic to obtain a real machine. However, the series origin is more likely to play with the addition to the Nintendo Switch Online. Along with “Diggdag II” and “Mappyland”, you should look back on memories or touch the classical works.