Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo booked the World Cup ticket on the last pusher, Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains only the audience role after the out of the play-offs.

Countless penalty has already shot Robert Lewandowski in his career – and yet this was “a heavier” for the Bayern star. “I knew that this moment would have so much importance,” said Lewandowski, who paved the way to the World Cup with his hits Poland. While the striker was just “proud and happy”, Portugal dreamed about Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo with a view of the finals in Qatar already by another title.

So far was Lewandowski after the 2-0 (0: 0) in the play-offs against Sweden for a long time ago, he had to digest his hits. “It was really hard. I mean, this pressure,” said Lewandowski, who could not confuse themselves as often as often. He turned the froth fauernfeter (49th) and brought the Polish fans to cheer with his 75th country playing. Piotr Zielinski (72.) sealed little later that from Sweden and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Many of the players were injured before the decisive match, said Lewandowski, even he had had to fight with knee problems. But “everything is possible if you fight to the end and believe in the victory,” he wrecked after the triumph on Instagram.

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Ibrahimovic is out

The opinion is probably also the Portuguese team, which Ronaldo sees after the entry into the finals now on their “legitimate place”. Because hardly the team had secured a coach Fernando Santos with the 2-0 (1: 0) against Nordmasedonia one of the remaining three European World Cup places, the coach in the head was already at his next trophy.

After the EM title 2016 and the Triumph in the Nations League 2019 “we have a dream to bring tremendous joy to Portugal,” said Santos: “I already won two competitions and dreams of winning a third party.”

Ibrahimovic, however, is out of the race around the World Cup trophy before it started correctly. However, who thought that the 40-year-old after defeat with Sweden worked against Poland with his career end, a better taught.

“I’ll go on as long as I can,” emphasized Ibrahimovic: “You will not get any other answer just because we did not win this game and have not qualified for the World Cup.” This applies to the national team as well as for his club AC Milan.

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At the World Cup in Qatar, Ibrahimovic Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Co. must first watch.