The two-time German champions lost the catch-up game at the Adler Mannheim with 1: 6 (0: 1, 1: 3, 0: 2) and has no chance to leave the last place in the table in the final matches. During the title favorite, which was for the first time by Interimstrainer Bill Stewart, the Del founding member from Krefeld had no chance.

Ruslan Iskhakow (3rd and 23rd Minute), Nigel Dawes (24th), Markus Eisenschmid (31.), David Wolf (45.) and Tim Wohlgemuth (59.) Scored the gates for the previously three times Siegless Mannheimer who is Separated on Monday by coach Pavel. Only 6176 spectators only met Michael Hoeffel (26th) for the penguins who would have needed a victory.

Blank scolds: “Three or four games in the week”

Co-trainer Boris Blank called “Magenta’s” reasons for the descent: “In such a Corona season there is no relegation. This season was worse than last season. Last season, the descent was canceled and this season is a relegated. We had eight to ten players sick or injured. The players had to make three or four games in the week when they were healthy; we could not compensate for. It is not an excuse. In a normal season we have no problems with – and descent. Although all teams play. That was not athletic. ” Blank was still following: “I am a hundred percent convinced if we had played completely and all players would have made all the games, we would not descend.”

Adler Mannheim vs Krefeld Pinguine | PENNY DEL 21/22

Throughout first class since 1991

The German champion of 1952 and 2003 has been continuously first class since the ascent in 1991 in the then Bundesliga. For a long time, the traditional club from the Lower Rhine but has been financially and thus also sporting problems. For the first time since 16 years, a relegated DEL will be determined again for the first time. At that time, the Kassel Huskies had to go to the 2nd league.

After the descent, the Krefelder should set legal steps. The penguins see no sporty fair competition in this season because of the many corona-conditioned game failures and want to move to the DEL arbitral tribunal.