ResPawn has unexpectedly announced the release date of Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series X | S late Monday evening, the upgrades come tomorrow, on March 29.

The upgrades will be published together with the Event Update Warriors Collection and the return of control in Apex Legends. However, while the announcement of the publishing date of upgrades came to an unexpected time, reviews for the upgrades at the beginning of this year, suggesting that they were on their way. We just did not expect that it will be so soon!

Players on PS5 or Xbox Series X | S initially receive only a limited number of upgrades, more will be added later. First, PS5 and Xbox Series X player get access to a 4K resolution mode, HDR support, 60 FPS gameplay, shadow cards with improved resolution, and greater detailed accuracy at greater distances in the environment. Xbox Series S player will only see an upgrade in the form of 60 fps gameplay and HDR support.

In future updates (which have no date yet), the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of the game will add 120-FPS performance modes in addition to other visual and acoustic improvements. PS5 players will also see dualSense support through adaptive triggers and haptic feedback functions.

Owner of the Xbox Series X | S can easily upgrade via Smart Delivery as soon as the update will go live on March 29, with the Series X | S version automatically delivered to your console. PS5 players, however, have to download the game again from the PlayStation Store and make sure they have selected the “PS5” version from the Storefront to see these upgrades in the game.

Next Gen Release Date for Apex Legends Season 12 PS5 Xbox Series X

The Warrior’s Collection Event brings Next-Gen versions of Apex Legends to PS5 and XSX!

PlayStation Player: View the information below to find out how to update your game ????
Xbox player: No action is required. Apex is updated via Smart Delivery.


  • Apex legends (@playapex) 29. March 2022

Although the slightly lackless feature set for these upgrades is the way we have introduced ourselves to the start of Apex Legends on the latest consoles, it is good to finally have the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of the game here. Hopefully the additional improvements and functions listed above will be added sooner in the coming weeks earlier than later.