The launched on March 25 “Ghostwire: Tokyo” is a great piece of creation of the city of Tokyo. Therefore, It is a game that you can enjoy just looking at the billboard.

Of course there is a sloppy sign, but it is not necessarily that it’s interesting of the billboard of this work. Let’s introduce the enchanting signboard world.

# ◆ Serious billboard and parody billboard

First of all, you want to pay attention Serious billboard. Since the stage is Tokyo, there are signs where the parking fee is written, which is quite normal. It looks like a fairly high price of 5000 yen for 30 minutes and 800 yen during the day, but this is this world.

Since the city of desire is the stage, it is Love hotel and thought “Miroku Berry” Case that the billboard is not standing and noticeable. It is a little heterogeneous in the world full of monsters and is one of the attractions.

And there are a lot of parody billboards in the real world, “Ghostwire: Tokyo” attraction. Yellow signboard “Ramen Girlfish” is a shop that seems to be bad for the big bore, but it is a shop that is likely to put out popular ramen.

There is also a signboard called “Freshmoth Burger” . This is a name as if Mos Burger and Freshness Burger had a union, and the red signboard is likely to be seen somewhere else.

Is the signboard called “Cold & Socone’s” , Cold Stone Creamy Parody? It is a fun ice shop that will be made while singing, but it is already a sadness that has already existed in the reality Tokyo (only tochigigi and triple at the time of writing article writing).

It will be aware of Fuji Soba “Sakai soba” and bird noble family will be imitating “Bird Heida” . It is a tavern that is likely to fall with birds common and tension.

There is also a store called “Sakamoto Yoshi” ** that imitated Matsumoto Kiyoshi. There are 20 times the point of points, but in fact, the store is actually guidance!