Since joining the Vancouver Whitecaps for Bayern Munich at the beginning of January 2019, Alphonso Davies made powerfully attentive – sporty and away from the field.

While the arrow-fast wing players, primarily as a dynamic left-back with the unrestrained urge forward at the German record champion, is already on the proud 74 Bundesliga lots or 19 Champions League inserts, the 21-year-old is well known for social media for his frozen. Funny clips, short cutouts from his life or live streams – for every modern fun in front of the screen is to have Davies.

And so in 2000 in Ghana born and federated with its originally from Liberia parents to Canada fled footballers also asked his followers to live stream on Sunday evening. The reason: According to Coronavirus infection with a light heart muscle infection, with a light cardiac muscle infection, fancy Bavarian professional, who is currently working on the comeback, has viewed the World Cup qualifier of its Canadians against Jamaica.

1986 and 2022

After 90 minutes – the favorite as well as leaders in the North and Central American qualifications only one point had been missing – then a stallion 4: 0 for Canada to be booked. Not only was the booked World Cup ticket for the winter tournament in Qatar this year, but only the Second World Cup Partaking after 1986 (preliminary round in Mexico) for the country.

This nations are already qualified for the World Cup 2022

This joy, which had transformed the stadium in Toronto into a tolly house, was a bit very special. This was also Davies’ highly emotional reactions in the LiveStream: The young athlete initially had intimately combined, cheered in gates lauthalls and finally left free run with the certainty of the final lifetime as well as victory of his joy. Davies knelt down, struck a hand in front of his face, pushed the chair aside, ran around, sobbing, cried, took the Canadian flag.

“Oh, my God. Jaaa!”

And why not? For the first time in his young life, Davies and the fans of his generation would experience Canada at a World Cup all around the world, wrote matching “sports illustrated”. It is finally 36 years ago that the country was at a final round of a World Cup. “It was almost immediately clear that she would not mess that anymore,” wrote the “National Post” after the sovereign appearance, in which early 1-0 had already been peered the path of Qatar.

“That’s damn incredible,” said to participate Keeper Milan Borjan: “Canada can be proud of these guys.”

Alphonso Davies’ reaction to Canada qualifying for the World Cup ❤️
From Davies, there were significantly fewer words, but they summarized again: “Oh, my God. Jaaa!”

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