Such a week has certainly rarity itself in amateur football. Within only seven days (6 to 13 March), the RSV Holthausen introduced four championship games in the Kreisliga B Herne, came to optimal twelve points and 45: 0 goals. Reason for the unusual week in the middle of the Ruhr area: between the two regular ranges at the SG SF Victoria Habinghorst / Thingen II (10: 0) and against the BV Herne-Süd II (10: 0), the spreadsheet completed two coronabed unusual After-catching matches and went to the final light SC Pantringshof (16: 0) and against the VfB Börnig II (3: 0) also as a winner and without goal from the square.

A major actor of the “Holthauser Week” was Marvin Pollesch. The 19-year-old apprentices for chemicals wore in each of the four encounters into the scorer list, achieved no less than 20 results together in the four games. Overall, after only seven missions for RSV, he comes to 25 goals, because he was again three times successful last Thursday at the 6-1 in the top game against Fortuna Herne. “It works for us as a team and for me personally quite well,” the young attacker formulates, which has only been active since the winter break for the Herner district club in the 10th League, in the conversation quite restrained – and pushes with a grin behind: “I was already confident to meet regularly. I’m already surprised by this goal yard.”

Ten hits in 15 minutes

Of course, one or the other hits could have been added. Reason: The game against the sporty hopelessly inferior table last from Pantringshof, for example, was finished after only 24 minutes (!) At the stand of 16: 0, because only an actor had been injured in the already with nine players. Until then, the RSV Holtausen had scored a goal every 90 seconds. Marvin Pollesch alone was already successful until the 15th minute ten times. “On that day, everything worked out from the first minute,” says the 1.85 meter striker: “We probably won over 90 minutes 40: 0 or even 50: 0, but of course had understanding that the game prematurely was repelled. Finally, in our league in the end, the deadline for point equality does not give the rash. “

The goal for Marvin Pollesch (M.) with Holthausen is clear: “We definitely want to get into the A-Kreisliga.” RSV Holthausen

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

His club also praised the behavior of the opponent in the match report on the Facebook site, which had to accept 173 goals in so far 21 lots this season: “Great respect to the assets of the SC Pantringshof, which the game until the premature end very fair denied. “

The passionate Schalke-fan Marvin Pollesch (“Except Sundays I am with every home game in the arena.”), Who completed his first season in the senior citizen area, was until December for the SG Herne 70 in the district league on the ball. With a goal at Seven missions, including only once more than 90 minutes, held the personal balance in limits. But that was not the only reason for the change to the county league B. “As part of my education, I prepare myself on the intermediate exam, therefore, wanted to reduce the effort for the football at least a little bit,” says Pollesch. “In addition, some of my friends had already played for the RSV Holthausen and I also knew our coach Christopher Muszynski from joint times in the B-youth at VFB Börnig.”

Target: Kreisliga A

The goal is clear. “We absolutely want to rise in the A-Kreisliga,” explains the native Herner Marvin Pollesch, who is the youngest player in the team with his 19 years. According to the current stand, everything runs out in the race for the championship on a three-fight with the SPVGG Horsthausen II and Fortuna Herne to the end of the season. The further pursuers are already suspended.

As far as the personal goalkeeper is concerned, Pollesch hopes that he can confirm his previous goalquot in the remaining encounters at least reasonably. He would come up with more than 60 goals. However, he puts his own bar a little deeper. “It would be horny to crack the brand of 50 hits alone in the second half alone,” he says. If that succeeds him and at the same time the rise will be done, then he could certainly overcome it, even in their own league no more scoring king. Finally, Sven Rabe has already met 51 times from Spvgg Horsthausen II and thus proves in the nationwide race around the scorer cannon for all behind Aleksandar Stoilov (MKEDONIIJA Stuttgart / 65 Hits) and Burhan Bayat (DJK Dürrfrelt / 60) in the 10th, League the third place. In order to be able to mix there, Marvin Pollesch probably moved to “late” in the district league B.