[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Lee] The play ad will announced on the 28th that Burger, Chicken Brand Mamatch and NFT was achieved for NFT development.

Both companies will collaborate in a variety of areas, including the development of the Mamatch‘s digital contents by combining the NFT and metaverse technology of the play advice through this partner.

NFT refers to a technology that grants scarcity and ownership to photograph, videos, pictures, and game items. Through consumption, it is attracting attention as a new digital asset and investment instrument expressing his personality.

The playdap is a policy that expands the business area with the F & B service that has grown NFT and metaverse technology, and the F & B service, and provides a differentiated experience as a service that crosses online and offline areas.

“NFT, which has been on the” art and game, “NFT, which has been on the” art and game field, has been recognized as a digital asset with fun elements, “said Mamatch,” said NFT, “said NFT, has already been recognized as a digital asset with funny elements.” He will speed up the NFT to fused NFT, such as increasing, combined with marketing, including marketing, “he said.

HOW TO read crypto/NFT contracts

“The NAW member players are expected to meet the Mamthtch, which the NFT technology of the play admits meet the Momatch, which holds the most stores in the domestic Burger franchise market, and” the new business ” The model will also review how to provide a user-oriented service and a special benefit. “