“The goal is not that we win every game, but every game so that you can say: that was totally Mainz 05. It takes a long time to build something like that. Much faster,” emphasized Svensson in the 60 Minute video call with the Mainz. The 42-year-old was clear from the beginning that there is no sprint, but rather a long-distance race, which is why he signed for three and a half years in January 2021. His intermediate conclusion after 15 months falls “in many areas positively, in other less. The benefits in home and away games differ quite strong”.

With the spectators, the mood returned to the Mewa Arena, where against Bielefeld and Dortmund finally 25,000 people were admitted and all cards were sold. Now Mainz expect three away games one after the other: The appearance at Borussia Mönchengladbach (April 3), the catch-up of FC Augsburg (April 6) and the game at 1 FC Cologne (April 9). “We can practice well,” Svensson said smirking.

The team is too good to play only to play the league.

Bo Svensson

His team is in the home table of third parties, away seventeangers. The team had already taken many hurdles this season: “Corona, the short-term change from Adam Szalai or the injury of Jeremiah St. Juste, who had to be operated twice at the shoulder. Of course, I would like to be more stable benefits as an ambitious coach seen or progress in the trophy. “

Die Profis auf Fahrradtour durch Mainz | Djanga hat die GoPro dabei! | #05ERtv | 2021/22
Constant services and a good recognition value are important attributes for the Danes. “We do not define ourselves about a certain number of points, it’s about the way we play to constancy and reliability. I also find that the team is simply too good for this season, just to close the league Play, “he said. He personally reflects him to call higher goals like a European starter square, he leaves his players free hand.

Sen you in the print edition on Monday _ (here as eMagazine) _ , which self-picture Svensson has, as he wants to get along with fewer yellow cards and how he deals with the constant comparisons with Thomas Tuchel and Jürgen Klopp.