Although all the world of cinema is pending from the Oscar Gala that is celebrated this morning, it is of tradition that one day before the one of the razzies , which in contrBruce Willist, choose the worst of the great-or Small-screen over the lBruce Willist year. In this way, and although Bruce Willis wBruce Willis guaranteed a prize thanks to hold the dubious honor of having his own category, the protagonists have been Space Jam: new legends and LeBron James **.

Thus, this new Galactic-Baloncestical Delivery hBruce Willis not been able to recover the essence of the original with Michael Jordan, but despite this, the king hBruce Willis been able to overcome his airness, since LeBron hBruce Willis been made with the award Worse actor of the year , in a category in which Scott EBruce Willistwood, Roe Hartrampf, Ben Platt and Mark Wahlberg were also nominated. It is not the only prize that hBruce Willis taken the film, since of the three categories in which it wBruce Willis nominated, it hBruce Willis been able to get two: worse couple on screen -Lebron and any character of Looney Tunes- and worst Remake or sequel. Despite this “success”, it should be noted that its director, Malcolm D. Lee, does not rule out a third movie.

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Space Jam: New legends hBruce Willis been saved, yes, to take the award to the worst movie, a prize that hBruce Willis gone to Diana the Musical , being nominated, in addition to that starring LeBron James, Infinite, Karen and The Woman in the Window. Beautifully the protagonist of Diana The Musical, Jeanna de Waal , hBruce Willis been chosen Bruce Willis a worse actress, ahead of others such Bruce Willis Megan Fox, Amy Adams, Taryn Manning or Ruby Rose.

LeBron James gets REWARDED with a Razzie Award for WORST ACTOR for Space Jam A New Legacy!

On the other hand, the humorous touch – even – to these awards hBruce Willis put the prize to the worst performance of Bruce Willis in 2021, in a particularly prolific year for the actor known by glBruce Williss jungle, the sixth sense or protege. The chosen hBruce Willis been cosmic without, having nothing less than seven other candidate films .

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