Spring starts in Teso with a spectacular carnival. No matter if friend or enemy – all peoples come together in Tamriel and set up the fool mask to explain the absurd. The feast of the fools officially launches on March 31, 2022 and will make up to April 7, 2022 for all sorts of mess. During this cheerful robe, you can get more experience and event-specific rewards by completing your quest to the feast of the fools. There are also cool new mounts, companions and music boxes in the crown shop.

Table of contents

  1. 1WO does the event start?
  2. 2 stocked you stupid rewards
  3. 3 creation of you turned prey
  4. 4new items in the crown shop

Where does the event start?

The spectacular season is back: Sit up the fool’s mask and applaud the absurd! Source: Zenimax To Join, you have to wake up to one of the fool’s pavilions from the capitals from the capitals, vulkhelwacht and dagger crash and talk to one of the three fools of the Ebeanz Pact, the Aldmeri dominions and the dagger alliance. These see Jorunn similar to the Scalden King, Queen Ayrenn and Great King Emeric for confusing! You can take the invitation quest to the feast of the fools but also in the crown shop. This will take you directly to the desired location where your adventure starts.

If you have completed the introductory quest, you will reward with the foolpings as a souvenir. You will find her if you look up in your collections under tools. If you use them during the event, the delights grant you a two-hour experience bonus of 100 percent.

Worried you stupid rewards

You can complete a whole series of daily quests during the festival of fools, and every time you conclude one, you will receive a gift for your abstruse work for the feast of fools. However, if you follow such a quest for the first time in one day, you will be granted a tremendous gift to the feast of fools in which even more pompous prices are stuck.

In all gifts, the following items may be included:

  • Festive amazement
  • Cherry blossom confetti
  • Festive cake
  • Festive furnishings
  • Property recipes for the feast of fools
  • “Stibitzt”, which you can sell with merchants for gold
  • New: Fragment for Cadwell’s surprise box as a souvenir

In addition to the prices currently mentioned, the tremendous gifts for the feast of fools can be the following Schmankerl in it:

  • Run box for the fool’s scintillator
  • Run box for the cherry blossom branch
  • Style pages for weapons from Cadwells Kitchen Montage

The Feast of Fools, with Max Harris

  • Fragments for Witzemacher
  • Fragments for the monarchsau as a companion from the year 2020
  • New: Style pages for the second-sowing montage style

As part of this year’s UNFUG activities, the developers have created a whole new quest. It is called all the voices and should give you a lot of pleasure. You will get you the mysterious Samuel Gourone, which you will also find in the fool’s pavilion. If you shut it off, there is still a daily reward box.
Cadwell’s surprise box as a souvenir. Source: Zenimax

Suppose you cropped prey

Of course, the festive gifts are not the only Feini Feins, which you can sack during this whirled miracle of overwhelms. Every day there are three event certificates for the first completed festive quest. Take part in the fete daily and earns up to 24 bills before the seriousness of life begins again. But remember: You can always lead you up to 12 event certificates with you, so it fits that you do not lose any by deserving you over this upper limit.

Goes to the Impressaria and swish you against the following prices:

  • All three fragments for the soulfire dragonillusion as a companion
    • Soft hourglass basin
    • Illuminated dragon writing
    • Kvatch frankincense
  • All three fragments for the appearance of the scales of Akatosh
    • Güldene olböle
    • Shimmering ritual sand
    • Consecrated shape
  • Bound styles for the second-sowing montage style
  • Fragments for Cadwell’s surprise box as a souvenir

(Source: Teso (Buy Now 49,99 €))
Companion from the crown shop: Adorable Katzwell. Source: Zenimax

New items in the crown shop

As long as the party rises, you can snap a few new, crazy items from the crown shop in the game, including a new stuffwell peckeeper as a riding and an adored katzwell as a companion. These articles are available from 4 April.

But that’s not everything that comes to the festivities in the crown shop. There are also some old favorites back, including the music box “Dreamie of Crazy Harlekins” and the Night Mug Steckenhorse as a riding. Look at the offer either directly in the game or visited The official website of The Elder Scrolls Online . To home page to the gallery