Are you looking for a new graphics card to play? The time is good, because the lasting high price phase improves rapidly. Although you still need to grab the bag 2022 deeper into the pocket to buy a graphics card, the new acquisition then holds accordingly longer – if you have our buying advice and tips.

Top 5 Best GPUs, Radeon vs. GeForce: February 2022 Update

Basically: Resolution is graphics card thing – exclusively. The main processor (CPU) does not take care if you play in Full HD or Ultra HD, while each additional pixel calls the graphics card (GPU). Who is traveling with a low-dissolving display, therefore requires less graphics performance as a freshly baked 4K gamer. Also, it depends on your habits, for example, as far as the desired frame rate is concerned. A fast CPU ensures that the GPU has always to do enough, so the mating wants to be balanced.

In the new video, we spread all measured values ​​that we have moved and maintained in recent months. You expect the performance data of 24 graphics cards in 20 games in each four resolutions. If you are looking for a graphics card for Full HD Gaming (1080p), thus raises a closer look at the FHD index. Who is already meant with the “Sweet Spot” from performance costs and image quality – is WQHD (1440p) – requires a little more power. Here, too, we help with performance values ​​and concrete product recommendations. Similarly, the pictorial resolutions 3,440 × 1,440 (Ultrawide-QHD) and 3,840 × 2,160 (Ultra HD or 4K “) looks like. If you want to know exactly, studies the PCGH graphics card ranking after the video.

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