The CEO Joe Marsh again, which is famous for spoiling such information in social media and online broadcasting, and once a bomb remarks. He said that the 2022 mid season investigators (MSI) (MSI), which can be highlighted in the first half of the year, said that the MSI is held in Busan, Korea.

Joe Marsh said, “I want to go to Busan,” I want to go to Busan, “I want to go to Busan,” I want to go to Busan, “I want to go to Busan, Joe Marsh was built with his abuse, and asked him to do not pick up the clip. However, the remarks have already been broadcasted and the clip has also spread at a rapid rate.

In fact, the news that this MSI is held in Korea has been mentioned through various officials since last February. However, even if it was a very strong number of venue candidates until the time, it was a stance that has not yet been determined by Riot Games. However, this is the first time we mentioned the city beyond the host country. Riot Games came to the “I have nothing to say right now,” he said.

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MSI is an international conference that gathers the World Roll E Sports Regular League Spring Season Championship. In 2020, Corona 19 was canceled due to Corona 19, and 2021 MSI was held in Iceland Reykjavik. For reference, Korea is the only region that does not hold MSI in the fourth league.