The current patch 9.2 has now been on the live servers from WOW for four weeks: Shadowlands and likes Both Seb and Phil better every day. Of course you can argue about the story, the two does not really like, but off the developers have made a lot of good decisions. Starting with the elimination of the Grind via various catch-up mechanics up to great features such as protoform synthesis .

9.2 Race to World First Wowhead Update Day 1 | Will it be WoW's Best Tier?

The two, however, liked the two the start to the World First Race , in which the top guilds have surpassed themselves again how much effort can actually operate away from the RAIDs to be better prepared as the competition. The favorites did not even refer to the abstruses of some Chinese guilds that you even look at almost as exploit.

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current patchcast # 590

00:00:00 Welcome
00: 1: 25 Return of the Magned Tower & Lost Chapter
00:18:40 World First Race
00:53:03 Correct decisions

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