Mr. Kocak, their ex-clubs of Sandhausen and Hanover duel in the second league relegation battle. With whom feverish with?

I’m completely neutral. At both clubs I had great moments, I also wish both of the best. The game recently I could not pursue, but I’m currently missing the time.

You are currently in use as co-coaches of the Turkish national team. Where are your priorities?

I am internationally a lot on the way to the candidates who are in question for the selection. You will not only look the games, but also talk to the players and their coaches. With their athletic coarins, there is a data exchange to optimally assess the loads. Overall, this is a lot of work.

Which feeling do you do this work?

With a lot of anticipation, and that’s not just me personally. We prepare as good as just somehow possible. Everything else would be fatal.

Especially with Portugal and – in case of success – possibly Italy is waiting for really thick chunks. Is not that a “mission impossible”?

As a coach I am a leader in top sports. It’s not just about content but also the faith and conviction to make the impossible possible. We had no good starting position in the group phase, but then deserves these play-offs. And now we look.

From a German point of view, of course, ChefCoach Stefan Kuntz is in the spotlight. How is he perceived in Turkey?

You encountered him very warmly and open because he simply takes everyone into the boat. He distracts a joint work, so to speak, that makes him very popular.

Does he also benefit from the history in which some German coaches celebrated great successes at the Bosphorus?

Kenan Koçak, Stefan Kuntz'a övgü yağdırdı!
Surely. Derwall, Feldkamp, ​​Daum, Löw – these are just a few who have once shaped Turkish football. The appreciation for German coaches is generally very high worldwide, just look into the Premier League! At Stefan, it is added that he is also a term as more active in the jersey of Besiktas.

How do you characterize your own cooperation with Kuntz?

Also open and honest. Stefan is very communicative, so I have already experienced him as a player when he trained me in Mannheim at that time. This property is an elementary factor. He lives the team, which is also the former Mainz coach Jan-Moritz Lichte as another co-trainer, the Hoffenheim Michael Calculator as a goalkeeper trainer and athletic trainer Axel Busenkell from Mainz. An extra interpreter, which translates for Stefan.

Why do not you do it?

I have enough to do. And honestly: It would also lied if I would call my Turkish as perfect down to the last detail…

What makes you anywhere with regard to the country where you have your roots, now important for the job?

I know the league, culture and mentality – that is of course beneficial and helpful, but it is not anymore.

How helpful is the German influence through Kuntz and some players like Calhanoglu, Ayhan, Dursun or Karaman, who have become great in Germany?

Of course, it does not hurt that these guys come with training from a German NLZ and be coached here by a German coach. But it would be unfair to repeal them overly. We also have power carriers from the other big leagues in our ranks. Italy, England, France, also from the Netherlands. The mixture creates a good team.

Personally, did you ever think about how it continues with you beyond the playoffs?

Well, our contracts run until 2024, so that’s not a topic. Not really, where we are so short before these crucial games. I am now for the first time as a co trainer, but at some point I would like to be head coach again, clear. Originally I could not have imagined a function as a co-trainer either. But sports chief Hamit Altintop and the stubbornness of Stefan Kuntz have already moved me a lot. Basically, I would like to help that we grow and strengthen the structures in Turkish football together.

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