Already a few months ago, rumors in terms of possible removal of Diego Maradona from FIFA 22 circulated. Since a persistent lawsuit apparently leads to no results, fans soon seem to have to do without the deceased Argentine.

Diego Maradona to be removed from FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

In the ultimate team mode of football simulation FIFA 22, developer EA relies numerous former world-class players such as the Brazilian Ronaldo or Diego Maradona as so-called icons. For example, the Argentinier has three different cards, which are one of the best in the entire game.

The legal situation around the world champion of 1986 has been postponed since his death. Because with Matia’s Morla Maradona’s former lawyer announced in the past fall by an Argentine court said rights.

FIFA 22: Insider makes Maradona fans little hope

Since there is no agreement between Morla and Game Developer EA, FIFA fans seem to have to give up one of the most popular icons in the game in the future. This announced at least one insider via Twitter.

The extremely reliable leaker “Fut Sheriff”, which, in the scene due to very precise forecasts, an insider status has recently reported on a forthcoming removal of all contents related to Maradona.

Therefore, it is to be expected that in the context of FIFA 22, no more icon cards of the deceased Argentinian will be able to hike through the opening of packs, completing Squad Building Challenges or by participating in other events in the inventory of fans.

In addition to the image rights of the 1986 World Champion, Game Developer EA has lost other valuable licenses in recent years. While first clubs such as Juventus Turin or Lazio Rome were no longer allowed to be mapped, the term “FIFA” is probably no longer available.