It is a tempting perspective: Here is the four times in a row victorious FCN, which can count on the support of at least 28,000 spectators in one’s own stadium, there the climber from Dresden, which has fallen since eight games since eight players from Dresden, where Kevin Ehlers and Ransford -Yeboah Königsdorfer have injured two important regular players.

That this can be put into the match as a clear favorite on Sunday, the otherwise in such things very restrained FCN coach Robert Klauß sees no different, even if he warns about the quality of the opponent: “We have the favorite role”.

And so clearly, as long ago, no longer, which in turn arouses with the one or the other club fan evil memories. The constellation was similar in front of the Ingolstadt game, it can be seen from the fact that the duel had taken place under floodlight with the Schanzern.

We have to get on our basics from kick-off to our basics, against Ingolstadt we have not succeeded.

Robert Klauß

At that time, the team got the external expectation from the outside as well as his own as well as known, she never found her game, delivered her by far the worst seasonal performance and came with 0: 5 evil under the wheels. “There are parallels, no question,” says Klauts, whose recipe is simple to avoid a déjà-VUs. “We have to get on our basics from kick-off to our basics, against Ingolstadt this has succeeded in any second.”

However, the danger of a repetition he estimates very low after all of what he got from his protégés on the training area this week. “The team makes a very self-confident impression, but at the same time is also very focused,” said the 37-year-old.

That his team after the supposedly light game against Dresden with Heidenheim, Darmstadt and Werder three in terms of rise, is currently in the house, is currently far away for him, far away: “We’ve got well with it so far, only to look at the next game, Everything else would be more than counterproductive in this league. “

So Dresden, nothing else. And there it looks, what the staff is concerned, greatly. After a slight question mark arrived during the week behind the last in the foreground right-back Kilian Fischer due to a capsule irritation in the ankle, and now his coach left, the FCN has to solve only a luxury problem in Puncto listing.

Robert Klauß: Die Liebe zum

Tight of choice on the double sect

Linus Tempelmann has set up his yellow lock, his representative on the double six, Tom Krauß, so convincingly represented him at 3-0 in Dresden, that they can not actually put him on the bank. The latter, however, also applies one-to-one for Fabian Nürnberger, which at first glance the formula results: three men in captivating form for the double sect is one too much for the starting eleven.

At the second look, of course, all three can start, for example, Tempelmann and Krauss on the double six and a bit of far from Nuremberg in the offensive midfield triple row. Council, as expected, can not look into the cards, just reveals that “we have an idea and we explain them after the end training of the team.”

Nürnberger club tour calls for the collection campaign of association boxes

If you look out over the box of football, the FCN can not lose the game on Sunday at some sense. The club management, which has underlined its social responsibility for many years, not only on the paper dick, but also lives with many actions, calls all stadium visitors to bring together association boxes.

These are collected, and then brought by auxiliary convoy into Ukraine. Incidentally, this is only one of many actions with which the FCN wants to help the suffering and sacrifices of the terrible war in Ukraine – all further measures has published the club on his homepage.