Management Hasans Management Hasan Salihamidzic from FC Bayern has queried reluctantly on possible contractuals with Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer.

“We have to look for our quality in the team and the economic component. We have naturally pandemic, which is still. We still do not have a full stadium. We have a financially a difficult phase. We will try to try our way Go, “Salihamidzic said on the edge of the Bundesliga game against Union Berlin at” Sky “.

The success Strio has a contract until 2023 at FC Bayern. Whether it has already given discussions, Salihamidzic did not want to say. “We will already do our job,” emphasized the former Bavaria professional.

FC Bayern: Kahn and Matthew swapping poison arrows

During the week, “Sky” expert Lothar Matthäus had criticized the Bayern responsible for dealing with striker Lewandowski. He was surprised that “nothing goes go”, so the record national player.

Neuer, Müller, Hernandez & Co. react to CL opponent FC Villarreal
He had been criticized by Kahn for that. “Lothar has never led an association after his player and coaching career. Unfortunately, he interprets his role as a good football expert last more and more than headline supplier. He would be well advised not to talk about topics for which every inside view is missing,” Had Kahn told the “Munich Merkur” and the “Tz”.

Matthäus insists in his opinion: “If Oliver Kahn says I have no interior view, he has right. But I’m in business for so long in the business that I’ve already participated in one or the other in life or commencing, that I have myself Already a picture can make and have a separate opinion. “