AJAX-ShootingStar Ryan Gravenberg is known to be on the wish list of FC Bayern. The fact that the Munich will get the midfielder but is improbable, because now there is hardly a top club that does not endeavor around the 19-year-old.

FC Bayern has to reach deep into the trick box on the transfer market this year, because unlike many of the European top clubs, the record champion has imposed a austerity price. Instead of having money, the Munich must attract with perspective.

Ryan Gravenberch SAVED Ajax with an AMAZING Goal vs Cambuur

This could be very tricky in the case of Ajax-Star Ryan Gravenberg, because the only 19-year-old has in the search for a new employer now free choice.

The BVB, who should also be interested, can chap the FC Bayern with his offer even relatively slightly, with other interested parties, on the other hand, it becomes much more complicated. And the list of potential customers is getting longer.

It was not until this week reported “The Athletic” that, among other things, Manchester United endeavors around Gravenberch. Previously, the royal Madrid and the FC Barcelona were also called as interested parties.

Also Juve makes the FC Bayern competition

The Italian top clubs direction “Corriere dello top club” extends the list of interested clubs now also around Juventus Turin. The sheet claims that the midfielder is also on the wish list of coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Whether the FC Bayern can assert the Ajax Jewel in view of the award and well-known competition in the race, the next few weeks will show. Positive signals are supposed to have already received the Munichner by the player. Dutch media reported Gravenberch wishes a change to the German record champion.

The question is still open how much transfer to the Munich for the Dutchman, who is only under contract at Ajax until 2023, would lay on the table. In the game is a sum of around 30 million euros – which at least should ask Ajax for his gem. An order of magnitude that could be a number too big for FC Bayern at the end.