Sayo has a lot to do. You are a curative fox in a difficult adventure to try to unlock a magic seal and clean the world of a strange curse that has fallen on it. At this point of the game, it is possible that you have already defeated the final boss, but you are looking for more to scratch beyond the surface. You may not know, or you may have met with one, but there are 20 secret fairies that can be found throughout the world of Sayo, each one has a secret way to unlock and rescue. In this sayo secret fairy guide, we will start giving you tracks about the fairy locations, but if you just want the locations, you can also find them here.

What are the secret fairies? Sayo?

Secret fairies are a special collectible in sayo that you will need to delve into the secrets of the Instruction Manual to discover and resolve. If you have had a good eye along your adventure, there is a possibility that you have met with a fairy or two, but with 20 in the world, you can take some time to meet them.

If you want more information about secret fairies, you should check pages 47 and 48 of the manual that talks about Fairy Spring. Page 48 also contains a checklist of all Secret Fairy locations in the game and where to find them.

If you are familiar with the Sacred Cross and how many of the other secret puzzles work in Sayo you will recognize the symbols on pages 47 and 48. Tapping in this pattern is called search spell. If you use this spell, bright lights will appear that will guide your fox towards the nearest fairy puzzle to solve it.

What does Page 48 show?

What you see on page 48 of the instruction manual is a checklist of all the different places where you can find fairy. The fairy locations that are in the local language are all located in The Overworld, so be sure to make the most of the search spell. The search spell can also be used in other places to help you identify exactly where the fairy will appear, but the rest of the puzzle should solve it yourself.

Under the break there will be a list of each fairy and how to unlock them, so be careful before moving too much down!

The numbers listed below and in the order of the left column, then the right column from top to bottom.

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What are the rewards for collecting secret fairies in sayo? At various points, you must visit the secret meeting place, this is the Fairy Manantial behind the waterfall, directly east of the entrance of the overworld to the dark tomb. * For collecting 10 fairies, you will be rewarded with pages 54 and 55 of the instruction manual. * By collecting the 20 fairies, you will win one of the Collectibles of the Secret Treasury. ### more Sayo Guides * General guides * Lost Articles Guide * SAYO Collectible guides * Sayo Secret Guides * Sayo JEFES Fight Guide