“We know that we could have had a better game with the ball. Ajax is extremely strong in the possession and they have pushed us in the back. But I think we have shown that we got the rooms tight and always get a leg in between have. If you use a chance then, it’s emotion pure. A giant ending to get on here! “Juian Weigl was pleased with” Dazn “about the progress despite significantly lower game shares.

Because only about 30 percent ballBestetz had Benfica in the game and shot just four times on the gate of Dutchlands, which in turn rich 16 attempts on the native Stuttgart Odisseas Vlachodimos in the housing of Portuguese donations. But in the end it was 1: 0 for the guests.

Weigl: “Great thing for club and fans”

Almost apologetically, now, “We already had the plan as we wanted to solve ourselves from the pressing and even wanted more possession of the ball, but Ajax did it extremely well and we did not want to take too much risk and do not invite them Perhaps the long ball perhaps the long ball, “according to the former Bundesliga player, in which ultimately the joy overlapped, in the Champions League under the best eight teams to be drafted.

The 26-year-old has not a desired opponent for the quarter-final. “I’m just glad we’re there is a big deal for our club and our fans. Every other team must always exist in our stadium,” says Weigl.

Ajax Handert: “Benfica did not do anything”

One man’s meat is another man’s suffering. Because with Ajax there was, of course, long faces after the game. “Our position game was excellent, we were well with the ball. The only one who might be missing was creativity. It is very bitter that it is only a small concentration error – and you are outside,” said coach Erik Ten Hag.

“We were the better team, we wanted to dominate and dominated. Benfica did not do anything, except for the one free kick – and then at a moment – unbelievable…”, Ajax captain Dusan Tadic also held the goal, the goal After a controversial free-kick near the corner flag was created. But then not only on the side of Lisabons in the end no one asked anymore.