In the first place three with 34 points, the Mannheimer now slipped in rank six. 15 points from the eleven round round lots paired with the moderate results against the promotion competitors Kaiserslautern (0: 0) and Braunschweig (0: 3) brakes the beginning of the season in the beginning of the season in the papers. Nonetheless, the victory in Verl (3: 1) will do well on the weekend. As before, the relegation site is also only three counters removed.

To say we want to dock up again, is currently measured.

Pascal Sohm

Also thanks to Pascal Sohm, who convinced two Joker gates at the weekend – it was his sailor hits four and five for Mannheim. Curios is that the striker only meets: “Exactly I can not explain that yet. But as long as the gates fall so regularly, I can not really complain.” On the contrary, the ex-Dresdner remains quiet and warns of abuse: “We should be a little humble,” says the 30-year-old. “To say, we want to dock up again, is currently measured.” The team must first look that she brings a better performance in the square, supplemented Sohm.

Gatha Navnathanchi - गाथा नवनाथांची - Episode 229 - 27th February 2022
Waldhof coach Patrick Glöckner wants to keep the ball further flat: “Personally, I do not want to know anything about it anymore. We have to look from game to game.” In the next few weeks, with 1860 Munich and the 1st FC Saarbrücken, more teams of the upper table region are waiting.

Captain Segert on the way of recovery

In terms of Marcel Segert, however, it looks like the first worse fears (“maybe what broke on the pine, maybe the teeth are a bit loose”) a little better, the club gave a light all-clear. A fracture on the face did not move the captain. He is on the way of recovery.