National player Laura Freigang has demanded more equality just before the presidential election at the German Football Confederation.

Jule Brand ● German Young Talent ● TSG Hoffenheim
“I wish the future DFB president that women’s football is fully taken, promoted. Other countries make it,” the 24-year-old said the news portal “Watson”.

“We do not call for any utopian things,” said freigang and supplemented that professional footballers “do not go bad”. The striker of Eintracht Frankfurt goes “not only about the elite, but the latitudes. It is time to finally care for equality. Also in promoting the offspring and width Laura Freigangs.” The DFB should “not only promote what yield brings”.

That the players in the clubs could not earn the same as their male colleagues, be “logically” as the clubs would have to refinance. “In the national team that would be possible”, emphasized and added: “If the DFB does not want to put this signal, then it’s just like that.” It goes to the debate “not just money”, but it would be a poster sign that we are really as serious as the men. “