Periodically, the objects of League of Legends become popular because they are extremely strong in the invoker crack. While one of the last objects that swept on the map was the chupasangre and the combination as explosive with the conqueror, now it touches the death dance **, that the Moba players of Riot Games consider a very “element” unbalanced”.

In reddit , the user “T6laau” published a play in which the Hecarim champion literally came to 11 health points against the entire opposite team, but it was saved in recent seconds thanks to the dance of death ** Getting a ace and recovering almost completely the health of him at the end of the group fight. Look with your eyes:

Thanks to the passive “Challenge” of the object, the champion even SSE ate the full Combo of Ahri but, as you can see, he regained his health by inflicting additional attack damage to enemy champions. Check the attributes of the elements in the current patch 12.5:

In the discussion in Reddit, some Internet users noted that the point was not really the object: the user Halleckss Ironically pointed out that Hecarim is the one who is really unbalanced, alluding to the fact that the owner of the publication called the Dance of balanced death sarcastic.

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Do you think this state of “unbalanced” is from the object or the champion itself? Recall that some objects of life theft have already been nerver, so we can see how the fighter champions suffer during the next update on the Official Servers of League of Legends.