For a few seconds, Julian Nagelsmann had to think about the right word. For “playful” the Bayern coach decided and thus meant one of the few weaknesses of the defensive midfielder Jamal Musiala.

Two, three actions had the talent that was just 19 who had become the 7-1 against Salzburg, which Nagelsmann had considered a musical position next to Joshua Kimmich for something too risky.

Also on Friday, one day before the away game at the TSG Hoffenheim (15.30 clock, live! At Nagelsmann Musial), Nagelsmann warned the “one, two decisions” per game at Musiala when the teenager on the deeper, for him still Sometimes unfamiliar position “Sometimes too much the ball wants to hold”. And also allows light ball losses in dangerous zones.

Otherwise, the coach is full of praise for the ninial national player, who can become the latest Bavaria player in history with 50 Bundesliga missions on Saturday. “His development is good,” praises Nagelsmann. “He has extremely won the topic of reliability.”

“His footballing qualities on the six help us”

The offensive qualities of the learned offensive players are undisputed, musiala with its technology and skill for spatial gain and those creatitiveness, which lasted the Bayern last a bit. Unlike at the beginning of Hansi Flick or Nagelsmann, Musiala has not been demanded on the wing since the winter break, but increasingly demanded in the central-defensive role, before Christmas next to Marc Roca, most recently with Joshua Kimmich. “His soccer qualities on the six help us,” says Nagelsmann.

And the numbers underpin it; Musiala is more often dribbling as a defensive midfielder than as an offensive midfielder or outer storm, it starts more passports and plays more passports. But what does not stand up: For more my own goose danger and degrees of colleagues, the German Englishman is on the outer train, where he was the last time at the 4-0 victory in Cologne in mid-January. In the calendar year 2022 he is still entirely without a scorer point.

Bayern plans with musical in the center

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In the long run, FC Bayern plans with his talent in the center, musiala brings mainly for the role as a connecting player between defensive and offensive much. Although the smart dribble artist (still) lacks physical robustness, it has the necessary aggressiveness and also intelligence, especially between the criminal areas, but also in the sixteen.

Its meaning for Bayern Munich is huge.

Julian Nagelsmann

Musial, says Nagelsmann, “had always had a bit of problems in the last one, two years, the performance constant about several games”. What a youngster, who has just walked foot in the professional area, is completely normal. “He now completed many games in a row. Say: That’s a next development step he’s just going. That he can easily play over several games from the beginning and reaches an equal level – always with rashes up. I hope This is going on. His meaning for us, for Bayern Munich is huge. We are very, very glad he is with us. “