Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski have again demonstrated their Torriecher in the Champions League and clenched their respective clubs into the quarterfinals. But even with other scoring, it is currently running like a lace. times wants to know about you who is currently the best nineer on the planet.

10 Times Karim Benzema Shocked The World!
Real Madrid was almost excreted from the royal class. Kylian mb cape had scored the 1-0 for PSG as well as in the first leg, but then came the appearance of Benzema. The Frenchman met three times in no time and thus caused the quarterfinal deduction of the royal. In addition, he rose to the third best scorer of the club history.

Benzema is thus 33 hits in 30 competitors this season. In Europe’s top 5 leagues only a striker met: Lewandowski. The pole achieved incredible 42 booths in 35 competitive games, recently against Salzburg he was also represented three times on the scoreboard.

But even mb cap (25 goals) or Ajax striker Sebastien Haller (31) do not need to hide. Ciro Immobilee by Lazio Rome is also in the usual torlaune (25), while Dusan Vlahovic is chosen by Juventus Turin directly like a bomb and hits the assembly line (24).

Not to forget Erling Haaland. The Norwegian from BVB is currently missing for a repeated male with a violation, but also met 23 times into the opposing network. The experienced Cristiano Ronaldo (15) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (8) also regularly show their class.

Now you are asked! Which the striker is currently the best of his subject? Therefore, only “real” nine, Lionel Messi is missing, for example. For all app users, it goes here!

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