Robert Lewandowski and FC Bayern Munich – a success story. Seven master shells, a Champions League trophy and four DFB trophies. Only a part of the titles that the 33-year-old Poles fetched the Munich. In June 2023 his contract expires – an extension had not been an issue yet. Therefore, the question remains: Does he continue to strike the jersey of the German record champion over or another?

Again and again rumors that connect him with clubs like Real Madrid or Manchester City. New on the paper according to Spanish gazetten: Atletico Madrid. Accordingly, it could come to a barter business – between Lewandowski and Joao Felix. Whether reality will remain to be seen. How such a change would look in FIFA, let’s look at each other.

More against less meta – combination with CR7 possible

Here Bayern get a little more meta than the “Colchoneros”. Since fast players currently make the difference, such Atleticos are popular in Ultimate Team (FUT). In this category Felix has the nose in front, because he gets a value of 83, Lewandowski only 79.

As far as the team construction is in FUT, Felix directs a possible combination of the eye: double top with Cristiano Ronaldo. However, that’s fast to tinkering. On the one hand Felix must first be converted to the striker. Then both have only nationality together. As a result, there are hardly any chemistry points.

The same would also apply to Felix Haaland, the league would be the only thing in common. To increase the attribute points, players from the same club would have to play in midfield. Both Sané and Gnabry would be possibilities due to their speed. Felix and Ronaldo in the storm, Gnabry on the right, Rashford on the left and in the center of Bruno Fernandes. Many chemical points and quite anxiety floral for the opponent.

Strong Physis – very after Simee’s taste

An extremely impressive double tip could then also make a team around Lewandowski. Atletico, he would then go to goals together with Luis Suarez. In real life probably according to the taste of head coach Diego Simeone.

Both Lewandowski and Suarez have high valuations in the Physis area. With the support of the fast Rodrygo on the right exterior, Benzema could also fit Lewandowski in Fut. Since Rodrygo and Benzema play in the same club and the same league, there are many chemistry points. Also fast Carrasco on the left would provide the same with Lewandowski.

And the meta problem with speed? These could fix at least possible special cards, such as Team of the Season (Tots). For such cards, the values ​​often receive eminently many recaluations.

Training work at Bayern – problems for Atletico

In the career mode it would be for Bayern: AB on the training place. Joao Felix goes with an initial value of 83 in the season. Through many workouts and a lot of game practice, this can rise to 91, but it needs time. Lewandowski grew with a value of 92 in the playing time.

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This time problem is no longer at Atletico, but another: both Suarez (35) and Lewandowski (33) are in a high age. Because of which the values ​​are sinking and an early career end is possible. Then it says: Talents scouts or hope for the reincarnation of both players.