Borussia Dortmund drives the million heavy conversion of the time-honored stadium Red Earth right next to the signal Iduna Park. For the game operation of the U23 of BVB in the 3rd league, this has followed in the coming week.

One million euros invests Borussia Dortmund in the Stadium Red Earth, which opened 1926 earlier home playing facility of the first team in the shadow of the Signal Iduna Park. The BVB will install a lawn heating and a drainage system.

The city of Dortmund also takes a million euros in the hand and donates the Arena used by athletes a new career – a very time-consuming project. “The commissioned company expects a period of three to six months,” said the city opposite the “Ruhr news”.

The part of BVB starts as soon as the substrate is tested for mining damage. Another world war bomb was already defused and eliminated by a warning resource service.

“If the damage is eliminated in the substrate and filled possible cavities, we come to the game as BVB. Then we want to install a lawn heating and a drainage system and renew the lane ceiling,” said Christian Hockenjos, director organization at BVB.

BVB prepared for “different scenarios”

For the second team of BVB in the 3rd league, the starting conversion in the Red Earth means a move to the signal IDUNA Park from the next home game.

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The games in the season end spurt against Viktoria Berlin, the Halleschen FC and the SC VER will then be held in the former Westfalenstadion. The DFB already approved the stadium change.

On possible delays of stadium renovation and associated consequences for the game operation of the U23 also in the coming season, the BVB is prepared according to its own statement.

“We hope the works have been completed until the start of the coming season. If that is not the case, there are different scenarios, as we continue to proceed,” Hockenjos said.