With the announcement of Valkyrie Elysium, you may assume that the game is a completely new IP. All Valkyrie games are part of the promising Square Enix franchise, which began in the late 90s. Although the story is not so confusing, like Final Fantasy, it is still interesting to see how it began.

The first game Valkyrie was Valkyrie’s profile which was released on Playstation in 1999 . K Valkyrie’s profile: Testament plume ** on Nintendo DS in 2009.

Last game Valkyrie Anatomy: Origin, Mobile game, issued only in Japan in 2016 . Although the games remained mostly niche, they were released in English and collected a small fan base.

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Each of the games rotates around different holkiy or plot points, which are strongly inspired by Scandinavian mythology . These games are longer role-playing games that take tens of hours and have deep stories.

If you want to try Valkryie Profile, then you buy the first game to Google Game Store.

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