Discord is a gaming circle for gamers, allowing you to communicate with voice and text, but when errors occur, it may be incredibly unpleasant, especially when this is a terrible Discord 1105 error. This error may prevent you from publishing messages, disable voice chats and prohibit you even View your Discord Channels. But what causes an error 1105?

As a rule, the error 1105 is caused by the server problems or in CloudFlare, or directly in Discord. The first thing to do is to go to such a website as a downtector and see if the problem affects more than you. You can also double-check the twitter splitter, where they often inform subscribers about any problems with connecting.

If this is not a common problem, it is better to try another network. Either your personal network, or the service provider may have a problem with the server. You will need to switch to the VPN service or other network to get around the problem with CloudFlare or server.

Finally, if the problem is not eliminated, it is possible to reinstall your version of Discord. If you are currently using a browser version, switch to the use of the downloaded desktop application. Or, if you use the mobile version, use the desktop version for greater stability.

How to Fix Discord Error 1105 In Windows 10

Regardless of the cause, such errors are usually temporary and corrected after a short time.

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