The biathlets Martin Miles and Anja Wicker have taken care of the Paralympic Games in Beijing for a German double strike. First won Sochi winner Wicker in the sitting class of women over the middle distance of 10 km bronze, before flag carrier feigned in the same starting class with men only 25 minutes later even silver.

Fleants had to be beaten after two shooting errors in the first stop only the Chinese Liu Mengtao, ultimately missed 47.9 seconds to victory. “I’m great Happy. The medal belongs to half of my wife at home. She always supports me insane,” said the Freiburg: “On the last round, the puffs have thought to me and then I just thought of her.” After the Triumph on Langdistanz 2018 in Pyeongchang it was his second medal at Paralympics.

World Champion Wicker Completed with Bronze her medal set in winter games, in 2014 in Sochi she had won gold and silver. “It is very relieving. I had already hoped for me in advance that it is enough for the podium – degrees after the good World Cup,” Wicker said, “I realized from the first meter that it is as it should be. Then it’s supposed to be It’s more fun and then the hope was there immediately. “

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The 30-year-old from Stuttgart showed a strong performance in Zhangjiakou in spring-like temperatures in Zhangjiakou and thus compensated for their five criminal trials. On those with just a mistake victorious American Kendall Gretsch were missing 2: 33.0 minutes. In the first biathlon competition of Beijing both flee and wicker with fifth places had just just missed a medal.