Already in his 68. Letter from the producer Live voice Naoki Yoshida about the expansion of the Trust system. Thus, with the upcoming updates, all dungeons of A Realm Reborn to StormBlood are to be made accessible to the fight with the NSCs. In the 69. He now continued to go into detail again and explained which changes for the first major endwalker patch 6.1 are planned.

The page-on-page system “Trust” in 6.1

The Trust System - FFXIV

In Patch 6.1 are made available to all story dungeons up to 2.0 for the trust system. This refers to all dungeons and tests for four players. The contents according to PATCH 2.0 are to be supplemented with a later update. If you decide to visit a dungeon with the NSCs, they are selected these automatically matched to your role . In the dungeons, the NSCs are complemented to suit your role. Source: Square Enix

Other changes to the content

These dungeons are revised with patch 6.1. Source: Square Enix The developers use the opportunity to make some more changes to content. For example, there will be some revised textures here and there. Overall, the dungeons should also be accessible to newcomers easier. For example, after the second boss in the haukke mansion a teleporter is planned, so that you no longer need to use the return here.

Cap WestWind is removed as an exam from the game and replaced by a solo quest struggle. Both parts of the Castrum Meridianum are rebuilt in dungeons for four players. The praetorium is even more split. The dungeon will end after the fight against Gaius. Then you can put the Ultimate Weapon in a test that is designed for four players. The fight against Lahabrea will then be another solo quest struggle.

Since these dungeons are still longer than comparable content, it should continue to continue the category “Main Scenario” in content search. In the future, this will consist of the three contents (Autima, praetorium and ultima weapon) . The rewards are also adjusted accordingly.

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