The FC Schalke 04 responded to the Russian attack war in Ukraine and separated from his longtime main sponsor Gazprom. With vivo test, the successor is already ready. According to a new report, the royal blue with the apartment company are already in contact with the apartment company.

The partnership between FC Schalke 04 and the Russian state company Gazprom has always been controversial since her start in 2007. In the meantime, the Gelsenkirchener have separated from the natural gas promoter. The reason for this is the ongoing attack war, which Russia leads in Ukraine.

Since the FC Schalke 04 has had to household with massive financial problems at the latest since the descent into the 2nd football Bundesliga, the association is in front of a difficult phase. After all, the little ones have already found their new main sponsor. According to the “picture”, cooperation with the residential provider Vivawest is to be proclaimed on the weekend.

The advantage was apparent to FC Schalke 04 that the contact to the Ruhr region based company was not only caused by the Gazprom.

Four to five million euros for FC Schalke 04?

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As a result, the second division has been using a partnership to the RAG Foundation for a long time, which is with 40 percent main share owners of Vivawest. Thus, their chairman Bernd Tönjes is large S04 fan. When the former Schalke bosses Clemens Tönnies and Alexander Jobst in the past believed about a spin-off of the professional team, the RAG Foundation should have been acting internally as one of the possible major shareholders.

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In addition, Financial Chief Christina Rühl-Hamers should have been tested, as the Corona credit secured by a state guarantee could be replaced over 35 million euros with the help of the RAG Foundation, it says. Allegedly, the Schalke offered the catering rights in the arena as security.

So the contacts with Vivawest are not new. According to “picture”, the real estate group would step as a transitional sponsor and pay four to five million euros. Gazprom is to have transferred around nine million euros annually to the area of ​​revenue.