In the Premier League game between Norwich City and FC Brentford, Christian Eriksen and his opponent Brandon Williams have taken care of a particularly worthling scene.

After a duel, both fell to the ground, whereupon it almost came to a little scramble. Norwich-Profi Williams apparently did not know at first that his opponent was Eriksen.

Just when he wanted to tell the Danes at the ground some bars, he noticed who he wanted to do so. And suddenly there was a loving hug of the two. Eriksen laughed, both stood up and the game continued normally. The Internet overlooked the scene.

For Eriksen it was the second game after his cardiac arrest at the EM last summer.

In the past week he celebrated his comeback for Brentford in the home game against Newcastle United, he received from the entire Stadium Standing Ovations. Already at his presentation before, there were jubilation towers.

Christian Eriksen involved in wholesome moment with Brandon Williams
The Dane, who had to be revived after the heart attack, has been under contract since the end of January at Brentford.

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For his ex-Club Inter Milan, the 30-year-old was no longer allowed to run, since contact sport with defibrillators is not allowed in Italy. The contract was therefore dissolved.