Usually Dusan Vlahovic reacts to Siegen directly on Instagram. This time, in winter for more than 70 million euros from the AC Florence to Juventus, striker was waiting for a few hours before only a picture of a closed Turin Jubel Circle was posted in a story – with a white and black heart for the Juve colors.

On a text, the attacker renounced – as well as provocative gestures for hot-running Fiorentina fans on Wednesday evening when scared like very happy 1: 0 success in the first leg of the Coppa semi-final. These had Vlahovic with a trill pipe distributed before the game – according to Italian media reports over 10,000 among the 33,000 spectators – the play hard made and additionally rebounded at each ball contact. Even unsightly insults should have been called especially from the Ultras from the Curva Fiesole in Stadio Comunale Artemio Franchi.

???? Fiorentina Fans Booed VLAHOVIC On His Return to Fiorentina

Vlahovic goes to Venuti

The Vlahovic matured between 2018 and 2022 in Florence, whose path seemed to a large club for many, but did not settle on it. He gave the whistles already during warm-up when he had been practiced as the last remaining Juve actor free of freezing. And he focuses on the game during the 90 minutes, route meters and always tries a lot, even if he manifested him on this evening against the robust AC defender Nikola Milenkovic and Igor little.

A goal shot should be in the end, which was the best way for his team at the same time. But Torwart Pietro Terracciano smelled the roast in this scene and grabbed the slightly pointed angle naughty lifter.

When Viola-Profi Lorenzo Venuti Viola-Profi Lorenzo Venuti followed the unfortunate own goal to the undeserved Juventus victory after a sharp edge of Juan Cuadrado, Vlahovic also cheered exaggerated towards the domestic fans. The scorer hugged a few of his teammates from joy and went to his ex-team mate after closing whistle to show compassion. He consoled the visibly disappointed Venuti, who had tears in his eyes, some time and spoke to the mischief courage.

Allegri has predicted peace

All in all, Vlahovic has been able to behave quietly for him as an emotional evening for him – and thus that fulfills what his Turin coach Massimiliano Allegri had wished in advance on the press conference. “Vlahovic will be grateful to everyone in Florence – the society and the environment that enabled him to grow and made it possible to come to Juventus,” said the coach. “He’s quiet. And he has to stay calm, otherwise he would not play against Florence in the future.”

As a result, it looks good that Vlahovic should be back from the game in the second leg in the pokal half-finals in mid-April.