[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Korea Games Industry Association shall be the will of the Mourning of the Nexon Changchun Kim Jung-joo ENX.

The Association of the Association said, “Through the Gokdong Moon, the Bond,” I have a great deal in the Korean game industry, “he said.

“Kim Jung-joo, who was the Nexon founder, is like a pioneer who had the buds of the game of the game in the game,” he said, “It is not an exaggeration,” he said. “.

Founder of S. Korea's gaming giant Nexon reportedly to sell controlling stake in holding firm

In addition, it was a great loss of “a very big loss of Kim Jung-joo, who has a powerful Hye-ji and leadership,” the terrain of the game and the economy is a powerful Hye-ji and leadership. “

Finally, “I would not be able to hesitate to challenge and innovate, and change according to the appearance of the lifetime, and follow the appearance of the life.” We will contribute to making a better world. ” I added the name of the deceased. “