Akatsuki Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Representative Director CEO: Tetsuro Koda: “Akatsuki”) is the iOS / Android application “August Cinderelignin” (abbreviation: Hatinai) from today. I knew that the large event “Ball-spring festival” will be held.

Akatsuki Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Representative Director CEO: Tetsuro Koda: “Akatsuki”) is the iOS / Android application “August Cinderelignin” (abbreviation: Hatinai) from today. We will inform you about holding a large event “ball spring festival”.

During the period, we will give a luxurious item including a free scout ticket for up to 200 consecutive sides.

In addition, we have implemented a large update such as more comfortable and playful new features, as the sphere spring festival.

※ August Cindereleranine (Hachinai) | Block Spring 2022 Special Site is here

# Large-scale update contents

New Feature 1: Ordering Screen Renewal

We have renewed the order organization screen significantly.
Until now, it was a knitting screen centered on a batting screen, but in a new organization screen, organizations by “defensive position” are added, and three screens of “defensive position”, “pitching order” and “pitcher” “pitcher” rice field.

In addition, the player replacement screen is also renewed to be able to replace multiple players simultaneously.

New Features 2: Beginner Mission Renewal

Beginner mission has been renewed on volume up.
This is the director already enjoyed by Hatinai, and the newly played coach is renewed in the form of rewards.

New Features 3: Significant Renewal of Team Skills

The team skills triggered by the order organization were divided into the following three organizational functions.
It is an update that can be more sensitive to the team becoming stronger.

The team is enhanced with the attributes and status of players organized into the order.
Until now, we have renewed as new team skills that trigger the entire team, attribute / status for each dictionary, or status for each defensive location.


New team skills are divided into “Base Rank” and “Bonus Skill”.
“Base Rank” is a basic team skill that increases by organizing a high-strength player.
When Base Rank is more than a certain level, “Bonus Skill” can be activated.

Implemented the ability to customize a war with an effect that can strengthen the team.
We have renewed team skills that have had certain skills and talents have ever renewed as Emblem Wappen.
The hexagonal frame can be used to strengthen orders with different effects and sizes of size.
Wappen can be acquired by having a certain number of or more players who possess a specific skill or talent.

The ranks of certain players’ trust ranks and Kizuna Lv. The rank rose and implemented the ability to enhance specific players organized to the order by rising ranks.

Athlocking achievement has risen with a total of a certain player’s Kizuna Lv. And trust ranks, and the effect will also rise.
Up to two achievements can be set freely.

New Features 4: Reliability Renewal

We have updated the “reliability” function that can deepen the trust with the players and pull out the power.
In addition to renewing the reliability screen, new skills can be acquired for each player.
※ In this update, the reliability of the trust rank is not implemented.

# Up to 200 consecutive scouts! Special login bonus is being held

A free scout ticket that can draw 10 consecutive scouts will be given up to 150 consecutive times in the period. In addition, we will distribute up to 50 units of gacha tickets for free from 4:00 on Tuesday, January 1, 2022 (Tuesday).

Holding period: March 1, 202 (Tuesday) 4: 00-April 1 (Fri) 3:59

# Login bonus holding 50 Ninstar and SSR Fixed tickets

We will give a presentation ticket for nine star and SSR confirmed tickets for a period of time.

Holding period: March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) 4: 00-March 9 (Wed) 3:59

# Clear new events and welcome SSR Hebeiki Tomoe who can wake up in UR

Stage1 Clear, Cinderella Awakening SSR Hebei Tomomi You have added a new event that can welcome SSR Hebei Tomomi.

Holding period: March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-

# Hachina Princess Scout Bloom Awakening to UR SSR Takasaka Saka

Holding period: March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-March 8 (Tuesday) 23:59

▲ [Cinderella awakening] SSR Takasaka Saka (CV. Fukui Misato)

▲ 【After Cinderella Awakening】 UR Takasaka Sakai (CV. Fukui Misato)

# “August Cinderelignin”

It is a “baseball youth experience game” with the theme of “Youth × High School Girl × High School Baseball”. As a classmate director, we will chase the dream “Koshien” together while teaching and fostering attractive female characters as a classmate.

In this work, it is possible to foster players to their own preferences through various activities of the baseball club, but sometimes it will be a tip that the troubles and conflicts that the heroines have It is characterized by having a theme of “youth” and the game system closely linked to the inside of the heroine deeper than ever and can be experienced richly.

Title: August Cindereleranine Genre: Baseball Youth Experience Game-enabled Platform: App Store, Google Play, DMM Games URL: ◆ App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1218144173 ◆ Google Play HTTPS: //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.aktsk.hachinai ◆ DMM Games https://hachinai.com/dmg/ compatible model: ■ iOS compatible OS: iOS 11 or more correspondence terminal: iPhone 6 Since its iPad Fifth generation after the iPad Fifth generation, the iPad Touch’s 4th generation after the iPod Touch 6th generation and the other than the iPod Touch 6th generation ※ The OS is only released in the official version. ■ Android Android 5.0 or higher, smartphone and tablet terminal equipped with 1GB or more with more than 1 GB ※ There is a possibility that some models may not operate with more than one model. ※ It is only supported by the OS released in the official version. ■ DMM Games OS: Windows 8.1 / 10 or higher Graphics: Intel HD 5200 or more Processor: Intel Core I3 or higher Vacation Capacity: 10 GB or more Memory: 8GB or more * You need to enable VT-X function. ※ Hyper-V function must be disabled. ※ Depending on the environment, it may not work. Usage fee: Basic play free, item charge system

# Akatsuki company Overview

Akatsuki is an entertainment company that develops business as a “IP Produced Company, which is a” IP Produced as an IP Produced Axis, “to the Mission to the” Empty World. “Mission. We will spread the entertainment to the world’s mind to the world to strengthen the power of the world’s view of the world’s view and develop and operate the power, power to create the original IP, and the power of the solution to increase the value of the IP.

URL: https: //aktsk.jp/ Established: June 2010 Representative Director CEO Tetsuro Hikaru City: Kami-Ozaki Kamikawa-ku, Tokyo Samurai 2-13-30 Oak Meguro 8th Business Description: Game Business, IP Business