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“Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle” Six new cards such as “SS Charnark” appeared in Alibato Festival!

Cumax Co., Ltd. is planned and manufactured by Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. and Forgroove Co., Ltd. From (Thursday), we announced the holding of Gacha “Alibato Festival”. In this Gacha, six new cards such as

Cue Max Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Queumax) plans and manufactures Nippon Television Broadcasting Mesh Co., Ltd. and Forgroove Co., Ltd. In the Hunter Arena Battle, we will hold a Gacha “Alibato Festival” from March 31, 2022 (Thu). In this Gacha, six new cards such as “illusion brigaded SS Charnark: Enhanced Antenna” will appear.

# “Alibato Festival” held! Six new cards appear!

From March 31, 2012 (Thursday), we will hold a gacha “Alibato Festival”.
In this Gacha, the following six cards will be new.

· Graduate Brigador SS Charnark: Enhanced Antenna

· 287 students SS Kirua: Harimon

Zoldic House S Zeno: Veteran Assassin

· Graduate Brigade SS: For hometown

· Free SS: To new journey

Zoldic house S: innocent smiling

New card details can be found in the game news.

# # “Alibato Festival” held

March 31, 2012 (Thu) -1 April 14 (Thu) 14:59
※ Appointment may change without notice.

# “HUNTER × HUNTER Arena Battle” Basic Information

◆ Game name: HUNTER × HUNTER Arena Battle ◆ Genre: Janel Memory, Battle ◆ Price: Download Free (Some item charges) ◆ Official site: https:/ ◆ Official Twitter: ◆ Official Line: ◆ GooglePlay: https: // Id = com.dena. A12026269 ◆ AppStore: https: //

■ Rights notation
© p98-22
© V · N · M
© NTV / Forgroove
© © © qmax Inc.
© Dena Co., Ltd 2020

※ Information is the announcement date. Content may change without notice. Please note.

Additional titles for Nintendo Switch Online Announced. Real rare first “ranch story” can be played

Nintendo announced the addition title of “Family Computer & Super Nintendo Switch Online” on March 31. Monthly service If you join Nintendo Switch Online, the same content that a specific title of a family computer or super nervent can be played. One of the super Fami Con Tights and 2 Family Computer Titles are delivered from March 31, 31st.

Super Femicone
·Harvest Moon


Nintendo Direct Mini - Cloud Gaming On The Switch?
· Digdag II
· Mappyland

Especially focusing is the “ranch story” for super names. The first work of the popular series “Ranch Story”. It is launched from the pack in video in 1996 and is now developed by Marvelus. In the game flowing in the game, it is a work that has become one of the pioneering life-sim genres that are popular, such as agriculture and interaction, etc. At first time it is already high completion.

On the other hand, the first “ranch story” was somewhat difficult to obtain in Japan. Though the same work was developed as a satelleview compliant software “BS ranch story”, it is delivered only for the West in the Virtual Console. Therefore, when you play the first “ranch story” now, it was basic to obtain a real machine. However, the series origin is more likely to play with the addition to the Nintendo Switch Online. Along with “Diggdag II” and “Mappyland”, you should look back on memories or touch the classical works.

1: 6 in Mannheim: Krefeld First del

The two-time German champions lost the catch-up game at the Adler Mannheim with 1: 6 (0: 1, 1: 3, 0: 2) and has no chance to leave the last place in the table in the final matches. During the title favorite, which was for the first time by Interimstrainer Bill Stewart, the Del founding member from Krefeld had no chance.

Ruslan Iskhakow (3rd and 23rd Minute), Nigel Dawes (24th), Markus Eisenschmid (31.), David Wolf (45.) and Tim Wohlgemuth (59.) Scored the gates for the previously three times Siegless Mannheimer who is Separated on Monday by coach Pavel. Only 6176 spectators only met Michael Hoeffel (26th) for the penguins who would have needed a victory.

Blank scolds: “Three or four games in the week”

Co-trainer Boris Blank called “Magenta’s” reasons for the descent: “In such a Corona season there is no relegation. This season was worse than last season. Last season, the descent was canceled and this season is a relegated. We had eight to ten players sick or injured. The players had to make three or four games in the week when they were healthy; we could not compensate for. It is not an excuse. In a normal season we have no problems with – and descent. Although all teams play. That was not athletic. ” Blank was still following: “I am a hundred percent convinced if we had played completely and all players would have made all the games, we would not descend.”

Adler Mannheim vs Krefeld Pinguine | PENNY DEL 21/22

Throughout first class since 1991

The German champion of 1952 and 2003 has been continuously first class since the ascent in 1991 in the then Bundesliga. For a long time, the traditional club from the Lower Rhine but has been financially and thus also sporting problems. For the first time since 16 years, a relegated DEL will be determined again for the first time. At that time, the Kassel Huskies had to go to the 2nd league.

After the descent, the Krefelder should set legal steps. The penguins see no sporty fair competition in this season because of the many corona-conditioned game failures and want to move to the DEL arbitral tribunal.

FC Bayern: Real Betis wants to borrow Marc Roca

Marco Roca from FC Bayern München has aroused the interest of the Spanish traditional association Real Betis according to matching media reports. In conversation is a lean of the midfield player, which is rarely used in FCB.

According to the radio station Canal sur radio, talks have already been took place between the two clubs. Betis wool Roca not only borrow, but also secure a purchase option. Sport1 Meanwhile, confirmed the fundamental interest of Andalusians, negotiations would not have existed.

Roca’s contract with FC Bayern is still running until 2025. However, he plays sporty a sideline. This season, the central midfield man brings to eleven inserts, but there are no over the full distance. That’s why it says, strive to Roca a return to his homeland.

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MARC ROCA - Welcome to Real Betis? - 2022 - Insane Defensive Skills & Passes (HD)

In 2019, the 25-year-old was replaced by Espanyol for nine million euros from Espanyol to the Säbener Straße. With the dealers he has won the club World Cup and the championship title in the Bundesliga, among other things.

World Cup qualifier: Lewandowski full pride, Ronaldos title

Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo booked the World Cup ticket on the last pusher, Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains only the audience role after the out of the play-offs.

Countless penalty has already shot Robert Lewandowski in his career – and yet this was “a heavier” for the Bayern star. “I knew that this moment would have so much importance,” said Lewandowski, who paved the way to the World Cup with his hits Poland. While the striker was just “proud and happy”, Portugal dreamed about Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo with a view of the finals in Qatar already by another title.

So far was Lewandowski after the 2-0 (0: 0) in the play-offs against Sweden for a long time ago, he had to digest his hits. “It was really hard. I mean, this pressure,” said Lewandowski, who could not confuse themselves as often as often. He turned the froth fauernfeter (49th) and brought the Polish fans to cheer with his 75th country playing. Piotr Zielinski (72.) sealed little later that from Sweden and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Many of the players were injured before the decisive match, said Lewandowski, even he had had to fight with knee problems. But “everything is possible if you fight to the end and believe in the victory,” he wrecked after the triumph on Instagram.

There’s the thing! Adidas introduces the game ball of the World Cup 2022

Ibrahimovic is out

The opinion is probably also the Portuguese team, which Ronaldo sees after the entry into the finals now on their “legitimate place”. Because hardly the team had secured a coach Fernando Santos with the 2-0 (1: 0) against Nordmasedonia one of the remaining three European World Cup places, the coach in the head was already at his next trophy.

After the EM title 2016 and the Triumph in the Nations League 2019 “we have a dream to bring tremendous joy to Portugal,” said Santos: “I already won two competitions and dreams of winning a third party.”

Ibrahimovic, however, is out of the race around the World Cup trophy before it started correctly. However, who thought that the 40-year-old after defeat with Sweden worked against Poland with his career end, a better taught.

“I’ll go on as long as I can,” emphasized Ibrahimovic: “You will not get any other answer just because we did not win this game and have not qualified for the World Cup.” This applies to the national team as well as for his club AC Milan.

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At the World Cup in Qatar, Ibrahimovic Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Co. must first watch.

Disney + Moon Knight: how many chapters he hWritten and dates; Full calendar

Moon Knight (Caballero Luna) is officially releWrittened this Wednesday, March 30 around the world through the subscription platform Disney + . The service of the North American giant welcomes a character not Written well known Written others in the Marvel World, but it does appear Written one of the most authentic, adult and unique bets of Marvel’s cinematographic universe, whose phWrittene 4 paints every time better. We tell you how many chapters you have and the premiere calendar of each episode .

Moon Knight (Caballero Luna): When Each Episode is releWrittened and how many there are

Moon Knight (Caballero Luna) consists of a total of six episodes . Like other Marvel miniseries in Disney +, such Written scarlet witch and Vision (Wandavision), Falcon and the winter soldier, Loki or Hawkeye, duration of each chapter is approximately * between 40 and 50 minutes * .

The first episode is published on Wednesday, March 30 at 09:00 (CEST) , the usual premiere of Disney productions during European central hours. From there, every Wednesday we will have a new episode until the next May 4 , when the lWrittent of all will be releWrittened.

  • Moon Knight – Episode 1 | March 30, 2022 | Written by Jeremy Slater
  • Moon Knight – Episode 2 | April 6, 2022 | Written by Michael KWrittentelein
  • Moon Knight – Episode 3 | April 13, 2022 | Written by Beau Demayo and Peter Cameron & Sabir Pirzada
  • Moon Knight – Episode 4 | April 20, 2022 | Written by Alex Meenehan and Peter Cameron & Sabir Pirzada
  • Moon Knight – Episode 5 | April 27, 2022 | Written by Rebecca Kirsch and Matthew Orton
  • Moon Knight – Episode 6 | May 4, 2022 | Written by Danielle Iman and Jeremy Slater

Moon Knight: what is the new Disney + series with Oscar Isaac

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+
Oscar Isaac plays Marvel Spector, Moon Luna (Moon Knight) from Marvel Studios will tell us the story of Steven Grant , an employee of a gift shop that suffers memory losses and experiences memories of another life. Steven will soon discover that he hWritten a dissociative identity disorder and that his body is shared with the mercenary Marc Spector. To deal with this double identity will be one of the main tWrittenks of it, Written well Written a lethal mystery that resides in the gods of Egypt. Action, suspense, personality changes and the indistinguishable seal of Marvel.

You can check the Marvel’s full premiere calendar for 2022 , both from series and movies, in this article. Also, here we leave you the recommended order to see all the series and movies ** of the UCM.

World Cup qualification: Brazil and Argentina with records – Peru truths WM

South America’s football giants can look with a wide chest on the group draw to the World Cup finals on Friday in Doha.

While Brazil on the way to Qatar thanks to a 4-0 (2: 0) in Bolivia with 45 meters, a new point record in the South American Eliminatoria’s imports, Argentina set a 1-1 (1: 0) in Ecuador a three decades of old top stamp of 31 performances without defeat.

Behind the Duo set as a group caps grabbed Uruguay, which ended with a 2-0 (0: 0) the World Cup dream of Chiles Altstar troupe, as well as Ecuador the other two direct tickets.

PERU can go to the World Cup for a 2-0 (2: 0) against Paraguay, while Colombia at the end is not a penalty gate of the ex-Munich James Rodriguez at 1: 0 (1: 0) in Venezuela More was enough.

Perus opponents To a World Cup ticket determine on June 7 Australia and the United Arab Emirates in the decision-making game of Asian qualification. A week later then follows the intercontinental excretion in Katars capital Doha.

Selecao improves Argentina’s record

Without the new dream duo Neymar and Vinicius Junior, who was missing yellow-locked, left in the height of La Paz double scorer Richarlison (45., 90. + 1), Lucas Päqueta (24th) and Bruno Guimaraes (66th) the hosts the hosts Air go out.

The Selecao overflowed the 14th win at three draws the 43 points that Argentina had brought to the 2002 World Cup. At the finals in Japan and South Korea, the Argentine then failed in the group stage.

Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia World Cup Qualifiers - Conmebol - VAR
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As Brazil also marches Argentina without defeat by qualifying. After the guided tour of Julian Alvarez (24th) with its first country player, however, in Guayaquil, a fauldmeter transformed by Enner Valencia late (90. + 3) Lionel Messi and Co. brought around the victory. For the two World Cup favorites, the catchpiece for the duel broken last September is still – and its own series at stake.

Ex-Storm Supertalent Sandi Lovric changes to Udinese

Great career step for Sandi Lovric: The former supertalent of the SK Storm changes to the series A in summer and is awarded at Udinese Calcio.

SANDI LOVRIC - 2021 - Benvenuto a Sassuolo?
79 games Sandi Lovric completed the SK storm and was considered many as the perhaps the biggest talent of the Styrian.
Today’s 23-year-old went through all offspring elections of ÖFB until he eventually moved to the Slovenian Association – for Slovenia, the central midfielder graduated from 19 games and scored three goals.
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In the summer of 2019, Lovric retired from the SK storm to Swiss FC Lugano.
Now Lovric is hosting in Italy and switches release to Udinese Calcio.
Udinese are ranked 14 of the series A and is coached by Gabriele Cioffi.
The service providers include Gerard Deulofeu and Robert PereyraGreat career step for Sandi Lovric: The former supertalent of the SK Storm changes to the series A in summer and is awarded at Udinese Calcio.
79 games Sandi Lovric completed the SK storm and was considered many as the perhaps the biggest talent of the Styrian.
Today’s 23-year-old went through all offspring elections of ÖFB until he eventually moved to the Slovenian Association – for Slovenia, the central midfielder graduated from 19 games and scored three goals.
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    In the summer of 2019, Lovric retired from the SK storm to Swiss FC Lugano.
    Now Lovric is hosting in Italy and switches release to Udinese Calcio.
    Udinese are ranked 14 of the series A and is coached by Gabriele Cioffi.
    The service providers include Gerard Deulofeu and Robert Pereyra.

NBA: Nowitzki adelt Rookie Franz Wagner

NBA Rookie Franz Wagner has left the German BasketBallidol Dirk Nowitzki with its achievements in the North American Profiliga great impression. “Franz has all surprised us, he plays a great season,” said Nowitzki on Tuesday in Cologne: “He is an incredible all-round player at his age.”

The Berlin Wagner (20) comes in his first NBA playing time on average of 15.4 points for Orlando Magic and has convinced so far on a whole line. His older brother Moritz (24) is also playing for the Team of Florida, both belong to the many candidates for this year’s European Championship (1 to 18 September).

“If everyone is ready, we would have been available seven NBA players,” said Novitzki, who will be present as an EM ambassador in Cologne (preliminary round) and Berlin (final round): “I hope we play a great European Championship in the home country “

In the German cabin, the 43-year-old is expected to be found during the annual highlight. “It’s not planned at the moment that I’m in the team. That’s not my thing,” said Nowitzki. Already at the 2019 World Cup in China, he kept it that way.

The German national team has “a lot of potential. The boys played a great summer. They were at Olympia, which nobody had thought before,” says Novitzki, “I think we did a step forward.”

Franz Wagner ROOKIE-RECORD 38 PTS & Career High! ♨
Success does not guarantee that for a long time. “Are they all fit? Fits the team well together?” That’s important questions about every tournament. Of course, “A Queen Happiness” also belong to “always with them”.

Novitzki calls his em-favorites

The selection of the German Basketball Federation (DBB) meets in late summer in the preliminary round on France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary. Four teams come into the second round. “It’s a heavy group that I have expired,” Nowitzki.

A real tournament favorite does not give it. “France is in front of Spain is always there,” said Nowitzki. The lucky charm also trusts the DBB team too: “If it goes to Berlin, everything is possible.”

The signboard of “Ghostwire: Tokyo” is super real …! If you look closely, you are mixed up to “Kisaragi Station”! ?

The launched on March 25 “Ghostwire: Tokyo” is a great piece of creation of the city of Tokyo. Therefore, It is a game that you can enjoy just looking at the billboard.

Of course there is a sloppy sign, but it is not necessarily that it’s interesting of the billboard of this work. Let’s introduce the enchanting signboard world.

# ◆ Serious billboard and parody billboard

First of all, you want to pay attention Serious billboard. Since the stage is Tokyo, there are signs where the parking fee is written, which is quite normal. It looks like a fairly high price of 5000 yen for 30 minutes and 800 yen during the day, but this is this world.

Since the city of desire is the stage, it is Love hotel and thought “Miroku Berry” Case that the billboard is not standing and noticeable. It is a little heterogeneous in the world full of monsters and is one of the attractions.

And there are a lot of parody billboards in the real world, “Ghostwire: Tokyo” attraction. Yellow signboard “Ramen Girlfish” is a shop that seems to be bad for the big bore, but it is a shop that is likely to put out popular ramen.

There is also a signboard called “Freshmoth Burger” . This is a name as if Mos Burger and Freshness Burger had a union, and the red signboard is likely to be seen somewhere else.

Is the signboard called “Cold & Socone’s” , Cold Stone Creamy Parody? It is a fun ice shop that will be made while singing, but it is already a sadness that has already existed in the reality Tokyo (only tochigigi and triple at the time of writing article writing).

It will be aware of Fuji Soba “Sakai soba” and bird noble family will be imitating “Bird Heida” . It is a tavern that is likely to fall with birds common and tension.

There is also a store called “Sakamoto Yoshi” ** that imitated Matsumoto Kiyoshi. There are 20 times the point of points, but in fact, the store is actually guidance!

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