On March 30, 2022, one of Marvel’s most mysterious heroes gets his own series. Because what is real with Moon Knight Alias ​​Marc Spector Real and what not, you never know exactly. A short summary, who is the superhero, we have already given you here. At this point, you will learn more about his comic origins and what Marvel could make it in the character.

Marvels answer to Batman? ****

His first appearance had Moon Knight in 1972, but not as hero, but as a rogue. In Werewolf by Night # 32 he appears as a mercenary, who goes with his silver weapons on werewolf’s hunt. In the course of history, however, Moon Knight notes that his goal is not a perpetrator, but Moon Knight believes that his forces will be awarded him from the Mondgott Konshu. But that’s true? Source: Disney / Marvel is a victim and helps him. Already three years later, Moon Knight became known as hero, which had helped only as a mercenary of a group of villains to infiltrate them.

Until his first own series in 1980, Moon Knight had always been guest appearances with other heroes and individual solo adventures. The dark atmosphere, its investigative methods, the dramatic cape and the fact that he had no obvious superspowers quickly led to readers as Marvel’s version of Batman.

To distinguish their masked detective of DCS masked detective, Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, who were responsible for the first Moon Knight series in 1980, paid their heroes with an expanded background. In him, the mercenary and former CIA Agent Marc Spector will be revived from the Egyptian moon deity Konshu and chosen to be your warrior and executor.

So he should strip his sinful life and do good. The only problem on the matter: Marc Spector is the only one who hears Konshus voice and otherwise it will not be clear if the ex-mercenary only forms the deity. In order to better combat the crime, Spector assumes different identities, including those of Steven Grant, Jake Lockley or Mr. Knight. He is temporarily a member of the West Coast Avengers guided by Hawkeye.

History Of Moon Knight

The price of crime fighting ****

Already in 1985, there were first signs that Moon Knight could be even more than an alternative Batman, who fought the crime in the costume of an Egyptian Räces. More and more it became clear that Mark Spector has long not been control of his alternative identities, in addition to villains, Marc Spector has also struggling with its alternative identities. Source: Disney / Marvel He believed. The reason for reasons: the stress and the traumata of his life as mercenaries had led that Spector had developed a dissociative identity disorder, which also influenced his work as Moon Knight. That, combined with the fact that it was never clear how real Konshu and the supposed super forces of Moon Knight were, allowed the comic cars to tell stories, which always asked the question of what Moon Knight’s adventure is real and what is not.

Also, the question is also negotiated how far Mark Spector is willing to go for his kind of justice. Moon Knight also hikes in his stories often at the boundary between “everyday” crimes and the supernatural. That even affects his forces. Whether Moon Knight actually has no super forces and how big the influence of Konshu is on the hero are questions that can be answered differently from Comic to Comic.

A hero with many possibilities ****

Madman or supernatural avenues? The answer is different in the Moon Knight Comics. Source: Disney / Marvel The different stories told with Moon Knight have the creative heads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) therefore many ways as they can use the character. Close from the first trailer of the upcoming series, serial creator Jeremy Slater is clearly serving the new background history of Moon Knight. So he is a superhero with dissociative personality disorder, which also explains why Oscar Isaac is not addressed in the trailer as a Marc Spector, but as Steven Grant, one of Spectors’s most famous alternative personalities. As in the comics is also unclear in the trailer, how many of Moon Knights’s forces are or actually exist.

Depending on which questions about Moon Knight and his God Konshu will be answered in the series, the hero can become the connective of the same multiple strands in the MCU. As a normal person he fits very well to heroes like Hawkeye or Daredevil; If the supernatural aspects of his character are stressed, Moon Knight can also quite well beside heroes like Dr. Exalt Strange. If you really attach it, you could even build Moon Knight as a rogue of a movie, as the Storyline The Age of Konshu proves. In her, the moon god attack against the Avengers and Moon Knight becomes its unwilling tool. It is more likely that Moon Knight remains a border character that will not play a greater role in the MCU. However, even in the comics, the hero started as a minor character, which should actually have only one appearance. To home page to the gallery