Suitable to the release of Total was: Warhammer 3 (our test score: 9 out of 10 points), one of the two first blockbustersGames of the year 2022, we want to offer you some PC compilations today, which come from different price ranges. The other game probably as a blockbuster game is Dying Light 2: Stay Human (8 out of 10 points), which came to the market already two weeks ago. On what these games require hardware, we will later go a little – our PC suggestions are of course suitable for gaming and thought not only for the two new top titles.

For gaming, especially the combination of CPU and graphics card plays a large role – things like the storage capacity of the SSD or an additional hard disk, the exact mainboard model or
The housing are more likely to understand as suggestions or recommendations. In the end, you decide whether you are completely on price performance and buying the CPU graphics card pair as affordable components as possible or more than more for the drummerum scanned, for example, for a special case, an excellent mainboard, a top CPU cooler and so forth. In addition to some hardware compilations, we start with some general tips on the choice of CPU, graphics card and other components.

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  1. Page 1Gaming PCs: Tips for CPUs and graphics cards
    1. 1.1Processor: AMD or Intel
    2. 1.1.1nvidia, AMD and Intel: Can you mix?
  2. Page 2Gaming PCs: Tips for mainboards and housings

Starting Your First Campaign in Total War: Warhammer 3 (Beginner's Guide)
1. 2.1MAINBOARD: Does it have to be expensive?
1. 2.1.1 Housing and motherboard formats
3. Page 3Gaming PCs: Two top games and graphics card prices for entry
1. 3.1pcs for two early top games 2022
1. 3.1.1 graphics card prices in the entry-level sector
4. Page 4Gaming PCs: SSDS and beginner PCs for 600 and 900 euros
1. 4.1Note to SSD and hard drives
1. 4.1.1wei beginner PCs for 600 to 900 euros
5. Page 5Gaming PCs: Four other PC suggestions up to 2540 euros
1. 5.1zwei middle-class PCs for 1355 and 1575 euros
1. 5.1.1WTWEH high-end PCs for 2080 and 2540 euros
6. Page 6Pictures Gallery for “PC Compiled: 6 PCS from 600 Euro for Warhammer 3 and…

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Processor: AMD or Intel

For a beginner PC Intel is the very clear choice. AMD does not have CPUs below about 250 euros, which can keep up with Intel in terms of price-performance ratio. Intel, on the other hand, offers quite good CPUs for the socket 1200, even thanks to the Core i3 series, which costs under 100 euros. But we recommend at least one Core i5 for the pedestal 1200, namely the Core i5-10400F for 130 euros. This is hardly weaker in games than other CPUs, the 200 euros and more costs. At AMD in turn, from the Ryzen 5 5600x (250 euros) is good for the price-performance ratio. However, Intel has a more than strong competition with the new pedestal 1700. Looking at only the CPU prices compared to the performance, Intel is even clearly better.

NVIDIA, AMD and Intel: Can you mix?

Thanks to appropriate legends, which are still approaching on the net, there is a user who rarely deals with hardware and believes that ultimately only the combination of Intel-CPU plus nvidia graphics card or AMD CPU with AMD graphics card works properly. This was because several years ago for a short time in fact, in fact, a council that was not completely pulled on the hair. Because of Intel motherboards has often built an onboard graphic of Nvidia. Their drivers were able to bite themselves in individual cases with the drivers that had to be installed when using an AMD graphics card. The same applied to AMD motherboards with AMD onboard graphics solution when you wanted to use a NVIDIA graphics card and their drivers.

The problems were not big and did not automatically occur if you “mixed” manufacturers. But even since the internet was still in the infancy then – yes, so long this dilemma is already – and a problem solving was not easy and promptly finding a warning of corresponding hardware combinations in the player community. For a long time, there are no more concerns about it – you can mix AMD, Nvidia and Intel products as you like as long as they fit on the corresponding motherboard slots. Which is of course not working to operate an Intel CPU on an AMD mainboard or vice versa. Here, however, the pedestal to which the CPU is inserted, it is already impossible for it to be impossible for a processor without a high degree of violence.

Page 1 Gaming PCs: Tips for CPUs and graphics cards

Page 2 Gaming PCs: Tips for Mainboards and Houses

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