The BVB is and remains a Michael Zorcy wound bag. But although the team had missed the urgently needed Konstanz in the last weeks, coach Marco Rose continues to sit firmly in the saddle. And it will stay like that.

Victory, defeat, victory, defeat, victory, defeat: The meanwhile almost traditional form fluctuations in BVB are reflected in the results of the last weeks. On every success of the success followed immediately a setback. The lack of Konstanz gives fans and responsible reason to worry. A personnel change on the coach chair is in the eyes of Michael Zorc and Co. but not the solution.

Both “image” as well as “Michael Zorc1” report that Marco Rose does not have to bend his job in recent weeks despite the often unacceptable appearances. This previously explained Michael Zorcing chief Michael Zorc, who assured after 2: 4 in the Europa League against Glasgow: “There is no coach discussion.”

In addition, however, it is that Rose soon needs consistently good results to secure his job. Currently he is measured by the Bossen loud “picture” at the Champions League qualification for the coming season – and these have the Dortmund for twelve points lead in fourth place already almost sure.

Rose demanded winter reinforcements for BVB

Lost It All
Also “Michael Zorc1” also reports that the lead days does not make the coach responsible, but the team for the roller coaster ride. Marco Rose has apparently recognized this problem in the first round, because according to the information of the transmitter he demanded reinforcements in winter to improve the team qualitatively and quantitatively. However, the financial situation did not allow this.

Stand today, it reports “picture”, the BVB continues to introduce the transition in the summer with Marco Rose on the sideline. Nevertheless, the newspaper also writes, the doubts about the coach would grow. Rose can only eliminate these with constant results. That you are able to get these results, however, has not been proven in recent weeks.