Ghostwire: Tokyo will not be launched until one more weeks, but the developer Tango Gameworks has already announced a new project that will be launched this year. The title of the mobile is called _ hero, and will have a battle system in shifts that also incorporates table game elements, including the use of dice and letters. It definitely sounds like an interesting concept, but here is the problem: the game has only been announced for Japan, from this writing. However, Tango Gameworks became part of Xbox after the purchase of Bethesda, so perhaps the game reaches other regions at some point.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase

A progress of the game can be found embedded below.

As we can see in the progress, the official art of the game presents a cast of larger heroes than life, while the royal game incorporates chibi designs. Advance also shows a series of unique locations and types of enemies. Given the strong level of quality that Tango Gameworks has given in recent years, the game could end up being attractive, but there is very little to continue at this time. Maybe we learn more information about the game after the launch of Ghostwire: Tokyo on March 25!

Tango Gameworks was founded in 2010 by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil Franchise of Capcom. Until now, the study has produced two games, or interior in 2014, and _ Bad interior 2_ in 2017. Both titles were launched on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, as well as PC. Ghostwire: Tokyo represents the third game of the study and will be an exclusive timeline console at PlayStation 5, although it is expected to launch Xbox in the future. _ Hero, will be the first mobile game of the study, which will be launched on the IOS and Android platforms. While Mikami is known by him with Herror Games, Tango Gameworks always intended to be a means for the director to work in genres other than terror. _ Hero, it certainly seems to qualify!

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